Incredible Concealer Tricks As Told By A Makeup Artist

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Despite being a beauty editor, I’m not a huge fan of wearing a full face of makeup. Yes weird career choice I know. It’s not that I don’t like makeup, I just don’t necessarily like the feel of lots of it on my face. Also due to my morning cycle commute of over 7 miles ( in London traffic it feels far longer I swear) it tends to melt off anyway and I arrive at work looking similar to batman’s joker. So I have honed my daily routine to forgo foundation and just pop on concealer where I need it. As we well know concealer is a staple in anyone's beauty arsenal for getting rid of dark under eyes, blemishes and funny red bits around the nose. So even I am not going to forgo that!

However when I do get the occasional hellacious blemish, or after a particularly late night the technique of rubbing the concealer in and around the problem area tends to make whatever I’m trying to cover took even worse.

So the question is how do I get rid of dark under eye circles or blemishes without looking like a panda?

This weekend I attended NYX Face Awards and got my makeup done by a pro. The makeup artist, from NYX was incredible. Not only was his face flawless (serious skin envy there) but his technique changed my world. I told him my conundrum of needing to conceal but not wanting a full face and he let me into a little secret…

When you apply concealer, the secret is not to dot it on and rub in until it disappears. Because a) that will take ages, b) you ending removing half the concealer with your fingers and c) its uses up far more concealer (and therefore money) that necessary.

The trick is to tap the product into your skin.

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  1. Dot the concealer over the whole area you want to cover! To get rid of dark under eye circles apply the concealer in an upside down triangle shape under your eye and extending down to mid cheek. Then using a fingertip, tap the concealer around the area. Save yourself some time and just tap around a slightly bigger area, you won't have to spend as much time trying to blend the concealer.

  2. Do not smear! The smearing just removes product, meaning it’s just not concealed after all that hard work. Tapping really doesn't put the concealer where you want it to be. Top Tip: The thicker your concealer is, the hard it will be to spread around. If you prefect a stick concealer these can be harder to blend. So you can apply them onto the back of your hand first, as your body heat will melt it a little and make it easier to work with.

I was a little distracted at the time of application to really let the technique sink in, purely by the incredible faces I saw around me. FYI NYX cosmetics is the mecca for creativity. Their awards are similar to walking into Panem in the Hunger Games (seriously, I saw someone with an entirely blue face and another with LED lights attached to their head).

However, when I got home later that evening the full appreciation of the makeup artists magic finally sunk in. Because my makeup was still flawless. Not a crease or sneaky pimple showing through in sight. My makeup hadn’t moved since when he applied it 8 hours before hand. Getting rid of those dark under eyes after a late night party dark? Easy. Covering up that whopping zit that has just appeared on your chin? Easy. Despite it being nearly 30C outside, after an enthusiastic trip onto the dance floor with colleagues and general daily wear and tear there was not a flaw in sight. So unlike a Terry's Chocolate orange, the tip here really is to tap it not whack (or smear) it.

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