Instagram Makeup Accounts You Should Follow Right Away

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For decades a fashion magazine was considered to be a helpful friend to a person in need. Whether you were in a dilemma about what to wear on your wedding day or were simply wondering about the upcoming fashion trends, there was always a magazine on the newsstand that would guide you. With the grand disruption by the World Wide Web, it’s hard to deny that the era of the fashion magazine is changing from what it used to be. It’s the age of the smartphone and we’re hooked to Instagram - an amazing application that inspires us everyday. Instead of flipping through fashion magazines we’re currently addicted to scrolling through our newsfeed. To help you narrow down the number of people you stalk, here’s a list of the top Instagram beauty accounts you ought to follow right away.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

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Although we’re not usually a fan of following brands that are constantly pushing for the sale of their products we can't help keep up with the Anastasia Beverly Hills account - it provides us with a much-needed dose of beauty inspiration. From contoured cheeks to perfectly blended eye make looks, this account pushes us to better our makeup game. While we’re on the subject, Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Pen Universal Deep £17.00 is a life changing product that has the power to transform your eyebrows.

Nikkie Tutorials

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If you’re looking for short bursts of video tutorials and pictorial inspiration, free of cost, then make sure to check this one out. Nikkie has found fame on YouTube and most of her Instagram posts are tempting enough for you to actually ‘click on the link in her bio’. We love her for her tutorial talk - she’s fun, quirky and keeps you laughing whilst helping you look gorgeous. A product she swear by : NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder Snow

Dress Your Face

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Half-Indian, half-Afghan Tamanna Roashan lives in California and travels to exotic locations for her job as a makeup artist. Her constant updates on Snapchat and Instagram make us feel like we’re right there in the room with her. She’s putting her life, work and travels out there for the world to see, and this way her fans get to (digitally) travel her journey with her.

**Joyce Bonelli **

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If you've ever wondered about who helps Kim Kardashian get her glam on every single day, then we’ve got the official behind-the-scenes account for you. Joyce Bonelli is famous for being the go-to artist for the entire Kardashian-Jenner squad, as well as Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen and Nicki Minaj. We’re not always thrilled when celebrity makeup artists post pictures with their famous clientele but this account is worth checking out. A product she swears by : Charlotte Tilbury Mascara

Pat McGrath

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If you’re into glamorous editorial pictures then make sure to follow legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath. Each season, Pat McGrath conceptualizes beauty looks for more than 60 ready-to-wear and couture shows in Milan, Paris, London and New York, working with everyone from Prada to Maison Margiela. Having designed and launched Gucci’s debut cosmetic collection, her recent blockbuster success includes her very own brand ‘Pat McGrath Labs’.

There you have it - from the obvious to the unheard, from the famous celebrity artist to the popular YouTuber, this list of the best Instagram beauty accounts is all about helping you get inspired.

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