Interview With Eye Care Cosmetics: Revolutionary Makeup For Sensitive Eyes

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This is THE brand to know if you have ever suffered from sensitive eyes. If mascara makes you itch, or eyeliner leaves you irritated Eye Care cosmetics will literally change you life. Their Ophthalmologist approved makeup and skincare collection from mascara for sensitive eyes, eye makeup for sensitive eyes or hypo allergenic makeup will revolutionise your makeup routine.

What makes Eye Care Cosmetics makeup suitable for sensitive eyes?

With over half of all women affected by sensitive eyes, wearing makeup was more pain than pleasure for many. So, something needed to be done. Patrice and Danielle Soyer, both graduates with a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Paris, were specialists in the development and production of skin care and makeup for contact lense wearers and identified that there was a noticeable proportion of women who suffered an intolerance to products around the eye area.

Fast forward a few years and with a combination of their in-depth studies of eye and skin physiology, they came up with the concept of bio-inertia formulations and applied it to skincare and makeup for those with sensitive skin and eyes.

Eye Care Cosmetics allows women who previously thought it was impossible to wear makeup without irritation (due to a natural predisposition such as skin type, sensitive or watery eyes, age, heredity issues or outside factors such as stress, pollution, aggressive products, hard water, dieting, unhealthy eating habits, air-conditioning or smoking) to finally be comfortable all day long by using our range of hypoallergenic cosmetics, made specifically for people with sensitive skin and eyes.

How do you make your products? Can you talk us through the ingredients and formulations?

Our products are unique in that the makeup can be used for sensitive eyes. Due to their unique ingredients and manufacturing technique used, the products can avoid all types of sensitive reaction (tears, cornea, eye lash roots, skin etc.) whether with or without contact lenses.

  • Ultra-micronized products.
  • Rigorous selection of raw materials for their bio-inertia.
  • Irritation free ingredients including nickel, SLS, cobalt, colophane & allergenic fragrances.
  • Suppression of components harmful to nails and skin: formol, toluene, acetone & formaldehyde resin.
  • Paraben free formulations
  • Fragrance free
  • Systematic product quality control testing

What are three of your favourite products and what makes them different from anything else out there?

Volumising mascara: Following the incredible success of our best-selling high tolerance mascara, is the new volumising version. This award-winning high performance mascara, strengthens, lengthens and volumizes lashes with zero irritation all day long. A revolutionary mascara for women with sensitive eyes, it won't make them tear up or itch at all!

Felt Pen Eyeliner: Our hypoallergenic eyeliner pens make wearing trend-led makeup on sensitive eyes possible. The inky black pigment and easy to use felt pen nib allows precision and control for a graphic cat eye look with long-lasting definition on even the most sensitive eyes.

Jumbo Lipstick: Not only the makeup for people with sensitive eyes, but Eye Care Cosmetics have branched out and include a whole host of hypoallergenic makeup for the entire face within their collection. The Jumbo Lipstick is a lipstick enriched with vitamin E and panthenol packaged in a creamy pencil for easy application. It comes in neutral and bright shades for any subtle or bold look you are going for with your sensitive lips.

Shop the best selling range of makeup for sensitive eyes and skin with Eye Care Cosmetics.

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