Interview With Seascape Skincare Apothecary: Why They Are Making Organic Affordable

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We pick out the hero products from the Les Petites body lotion, ideal for sensitive skin, to the zesty morning kick you will receive from the Uplift Body Wash. We delve into the natural skin and body brand bursting with aromatherapy essential oils, that won’t break the bank, with Jersey brand Seascape Island Apothecary.

MBM: For someone who is not yet aware of Seascape, tell us about what makes your brand so special?

Seascape Island Apothecary 100% British collection of premium bath and body care for the whole family at an affordable price. All our products are made with natural essential oils, such as Lavender, picked from our very own Jersey Countryside. Seascape products contain no parabens, SLS, artificial colors or fragrances, silicones or petroleum-based ingredients and suitable for vegetarians, (sadly not Vegans as we occasionally use a little honey or beeswax).

We have 7 core ranges, with something guaranteed to suit everybody. The ranges include hair care, hand care, three bath and body ranges (Revive, Uplift and Soothe), a maternity range, a men's range and the incredibly popular Les Petites range for babies and children. But is rapidly gaining cult status for those with sensitive skin due to it’s incredibly soothing, nourishing and fragrance free formula.

_MBM: What are three of your favourite products and what makes them different from anything else out there? _

Les Petites Body Lotionis not only my favorite products, but having won 2 skincare awards (see all awards here ) it seems others agree with us too. Incredibly calming to babies or sensitive skin the 100% natural Lavender and Chamomile essential oils soothe any irritation whilst olive oil and jersey Beeswax protect and nourish delicate skin. We didn’t start off trying to make a moisturiser for sensitive skin, but if you do react to other moisturisers then this one's for you.

Uplift Sea Salt Body Scrub, because everyone needs a great scrub, and at £16.00 you won’t find a more luxurious scrub for such a great price. Packed with pure Jersey Sea Salt, Lavender and Eucalyptus it’s stimulating,to both body and mind and the added beeswax leaves skin supple and nourished. A must for just about every skin type.

Soothe Body Wash, because any shower gel that can instantly transform your mind is worth it. With 100% essential oils of lavender and Ylang Ylang it balances the mind and body. Breathe deep as you shower and literally watch your stresses melt away. Enriched with nourishing honey to maintains skin's elasticity the soothe range is also very importantly, pregnancy safe, unlike many other aromatherapy brands.

MBM: How do you formulate your products? Can you talk us through the ingredients and ethos?

Our natural skin care products are all formulated on the stunning island of Jersey where the tranquil lifestyle inspires our range and local herbs, essential oils and bee produce are all hand blended to make our unique skin care collections.

We are mindful of where our ingredients are sourced, utilising Jersey’s very own lavender farm, honey and beeswax from the local Jersey apiary belonging to Francois Le Luyer, milk from the iconic Jersey dairy cows makes our soaps so nourishing and all of our packing comes from carbon neutral suppliers.

MBM: What is in store for the future of Seascape?

As a new natural skin care brand we are constantly evolving and growing. Our main aim to to get as many people as possible to sit up and take notice of how unique our brand is. We want to prove that natural, premium, sustainable aromatherapy skincare is available to everybody, no matter your age or skin type.

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