Interview With The Brand VETIA FLORIS: Luxury Organic Skincare Has Arrived In The UK!

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The pioneering natural beauty brand that takes the purest natural ingredients and premium essential oils all from the skin boosting flowers that reside within scenic Swiss hillsides. Showcased by Vogue, Elle and Style in recent months you know this natural beauty brand is going to hit it big. Known for their nourishing and restoring qualities they have transformed the future of natural anti aging skincare. Not only that but they are now FINALLY available in the UK. You heard it here first.

MBM: What is it about Vetia Floris that has whipped the beauty industry into an excited skincare frenzy?

We launched in 2012 as a niche cosmetic brand, specifically formulated for women accustomed to top-of-the-line luxury but do not want to sacrifice their natural and organic beliefs for the sake of luxury. Our sophisticated products are entirely organic and natural beauty products, free from synthetic enhancements, yet do not sacrifice high performance and luxury.

All our products have at least 95% natural (i.e. plant) origins and must be sustainably developed throughout the entire manufacturing process. From ingredients sourcing, manufacturing and packaging.

MBM: For someone who is not yet aware of Vetia Floris, tell us about what makes your brand so special?

Vetia Floris is simply, natural perfection. We only use the finest and purest ingredients, these naturally active ingredients are derived from the alpine flowers and botanical fruit water from Switzerland. These are then blended into our unique and active formulas which make up our pure, effective and ever so indulgent anti-aging products which have optimum results.

Vetia Floris’ 11 part skincare range is targeted to deliver anti aging skincare and has 4 main targets:

  • Replenishes the skin’s moisture content
  • Increases firmness and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves the skin’s tone and texture
  • Preserves a youthful appearance

With luxurious formulas at the forefront of natural beauty brand Vetia Floris ethos, performance is no way overshadowed. The incredible purity of the creams, serums and cleansers is coupled with a delicate, natural fragrance to restore your senses as well as your skin.

**MBM: What are three of your favourite products and what makes them different from anything else out there? **

Vetia Floris Super Radiance Elixir: Packed with Macadamia Nut and Babassu Oil and this elixir is intensely moisturising and instantly rejuvenates your skin. Contain the maximum contraction of Rovisome HA, a high performance high molecular hyaluronic acid, which is proven to penetrate deep into the skin’s layers for incredible firming and elasticity-promoting benefits. As well as the key ingredient being gold dust, which dramatically increases the skin’s moisture and elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Vetia Floris Intensive Eye Contour Cream: Our incredibly luxurious eye cream is a natural beauty product with a real difference. This high performance cream is especially formulated to luxuriously soothe, smooth and brighten the eye area. Containing a complex active formula of Macadamia nut oil, Baobab oil, Rose hip oil cocoa and shea butters to nurture this delicate area and Skinergium Bio; an active anti-ageing ingredient obtained from Maca roots, a Peruvian plant well-known for its energizing and stimulating properties which dramatically lifts and smooths lines and wrinkles.

Vetia Floris Intensive Treatment Mask: The most luxurious facial treatment that literally melts away, leaving your complexion radiant, touchably smooth and your mind calm. The unique formula is rivaled by none in luxury, enriched with only the most nurturing of essential oils such as Macadamia nut, Babassu, Rose hip oil. Whilst the Cocoa, Cupuacu and Shea butters immediately relieves any unwanted feelings of tension and dryness whilst revitalising the skin, leaving it fresh, youthful and glowing.

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