Irresistible Floral Fragrances To Brighten Up Your Spring

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As April blooms with Lilies and Orchids I'd love to be able to say that I'm getting sick of flowers, but the dust gathering on my only vase serves as a constant reminder that I love flowers and quite frankly I wish I had more of them in my life. So in the spirit of Spring I've been searching for the perfect floral fragrances to inject some flowers into my beauty routine, even if I can't have the real deal...

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Blush £50.00

This refreshing fragrance is new to 2016 and has an airy blend of lush florals, perfect for the season. Filled with notes of violet leaves, heart of rose and lily of the valley this perfume is like a bottled bouquet of all my favourite flowers and the smell lingers for a surprisingly long time. Whilst I like to pretend I'm above being swayed by the packaging of beauty products, I can't help falling for for the gorgeous design of this product with it's satin finished petals and blushing hues. I think this is the perfect day-to-day wear perfume as it has a gorgeously airy scent that isn't too harsh or intense.

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Estee Lauder Modern Muse Chic £40.50

This sophisticated, floral fragrance is a far throw from the delicate, musky aromas you might associate with your grandmothers perfume collection. With vivid floral accords which contrast with the striking ebony wood tonnes this perfume provides a dual attack of fragrance which is quite possibly just the nicest assault on your senses imaginable. By perfectly balancing two disparate scents this perfume creates an addictive fragrance which will have people following you around the office all morning, maybe not necessarily the best selling point but it's always satisfying when a gorgeous fragrance begins to remind people of you. I think this is the perfect fragrance for a woman looking to be noticed, day or night.

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Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb £49.95

For an explosion of flower power the Flowerbomb from Viktor & Rolf is really the only option. This blossoming bouquet of a perfume blends notes of freesia with centrifolia rose, sambac jasmine and seductive undertones of patchouli. This is the perfect perfume for spritzing in your office for an instant feel good hit and you've got to admit, the diamond-turned-greenade bottle is pretty damn cool.

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Dolce & Gabbana Floral Drops £44.00

This stunning fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana pays homage to the designer's signature scent Dolce but with a lighter twist and more floral hints. This soft, misty fragrance is enhanced by South African white amaryllis which creates a refreshing aroma of exotic florals, making a change from the traditional rose and lily fragrances we often associate with Spring in England. The perfect fragrance for dinner dates or work parties this fragrance will boost your mood with it's light scent and allow your confidence to glow with it's unique, exotic aroma.

As the season changes from the wintery weather we've grown used to these past months, to the brighter mornings and longer days which come with Spring, this is the perfect time of year for changing your fragrance and discovering a new, lighter and brighter you. These four fragrances are some of my favourites for welcoming in the new season so to get into the mood this Spring discover your perfect floral partner.

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