Is Donkey Milk The Next Best Thing For Your Skin?

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We love discovering new trends, incredible beauty hacks and downright bizarre but amazing ingredients. This one however has got to be the most interesting. Hailed as an elixir by Cleopatra who notably took a bath in it every day, donkey milk is fast becoming the ingredient everyone wants to use to help cure the dry skin on their face and body. The inclusion of donkey’s milk within sensitive skin care is thought to be one of the best innovations in beauty history, according to some.

What does it do, you ask? One of the oldest living women, at 116 swore by the magic that lies within this luscious elixir. Donkey milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk within your diet, as of course, what you eat also has an immediate effect on your skin.

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Once used on the outside of the body, the high levels of protein, phospholipids, and ceramides within the milk have regenerative properties which can help repair the skin and strengthen its barrier against irritants and nasty bacteria and chemicals which can inflame your sensitive skin. These properties also make donkey’s milk an excellent moisturiser and a fantastic anti-ageing treatment - no wonder women swear by it.

Donkey milk is the main ingredient within Samol Herbal Face Elixir, and has 60x more vitamin C, a much higher concentration of Vitamins A, D and E than cow’s milk and is rich in calcium, which makes it one of the beauty industry’s most in-demand ingredients for all sorts of skincare products. We’ll be seeing a lot more of it over the next few years as more brands catch onto this new trend.

Derived from Ancient Egypt’s royal beauty secrets, Samol Herbal’s facial oil combines donkeys milk with rose oil to leave skin hydrated and appear visibly smoother, firmer, cleaner and glowing.

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Apply this elixir to the face and neck in an upward smoothing motion every morning and night as part of your daily sensitive skin care regime to achieve calm, smoothed skin and everlasting youth.

Whilst being in high demand, the supply is not as easy and quick as obtaining cow’s milk due to the mere 2 litres a donkey can produce over two milkings compared to over 40 litres per milking from a cow. This trend therefore currently comes with a sense of luxury as it is still a rare find - so get in there quickly!

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