Is Dry Shampoo Your Beauty Enemy?

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I know you, because I am you. Dry shampoo has become the greatest gift of modern science, and a staple in your bathroom cabinet. Heat propels sweat, and many other things propel a lack of time to invest in a traditional beauty routine. It’s difficult for a woman to hop straight out of the shower and embark upon a 20-minute blow-dry. There have been Internet rumours how dry shampoo can make you a victim to hair-loss hair, so let us discuss whether dry shampoo is bad for your hair before you get anxiety.

Oil and dirt accumulate on the scalp and such grime needs to be removed to keep the scalp breathing, dry shampoo doesn’t remove such impurities, which is why a flaky scalp is one of the minor side effects. Excessive use of dry shampoo is not healthy for the hair shaft in the long-term. One of the top tips for healthy hair is using a natural non-toxic dry shampoo, as you don’t want to deposit chemicals to current build-up. The hair needs to be cleansed of excess oils, the scalp cleanses off dead skin, for it to maintain it’s optimal balance. Over shampooing can also strip away the essential oils in your hair so don’t overdo one or the other, if you want to honour the long-term health of your hair.

Top tip for healthy hair: When using an organic dry shampoo, don’t let the product rest on the top of you head this will leave you with white residue, if you want volume spray underneath on the root. To distribute the product spray at least 6 inches away, letting it rest on the scalp will clog the pores and cause long-term damage. Online beauty buy: Klorane Nettle Sebo Regulating Dry Shampoo £8, uses a botanical formula for oily hair. The natural formula includes compounds to regulate the sebaceous gland activity. This product is Paraben and fragrance free, so you don’t have to worry about depositing any nasties.

Dry Shampoo is nothing new, it first popped up in the 1960’s with Twiggy in an ad. It was common then for powder and silica-based formulas to soak up oils.

Top tip for healthy hair: If you are a die-hard dry shampoo fan try not to use it more than twice a week. Remember it is about quality not quantity; products which are heavily fragranced will not do favours for scalp health. Online beauty buy: Klorane Natural Tint Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk £8, adapts to hair shades so you don’t have to worry about white patches. This award-winning dry shampoo remains the same as the original formula.

Top tip for healthy hair: If you have overdone it with the spraying, give yourself a scalp massage. This will increase scalp circulation with the perks of a relaxation treatment. Online beauty buy: Macadamia Volumising Dry Shampoo £15.60, won’t leave your hair weighed down.

Time to ditch the supermarket buys!

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