Is Multi Masking The Way To Perfect Skin?

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Here at My Beauty Matches the aim of the game is to personalise beauty products for each and every reader. So what better a trend to trail than multi masking! This is what the seriously beauty savvy bods out there have been getting up to, and if we can’t beat them we might as well join them in adding multi masking to our skin care routine, and find out if this is the way to achieve perfect skin?

First off, why have one mask, when you can add four or five to your skin care routine? To put it simply, you don’t just have one pair of shoes for every occasion do you? That would be like trying to run a marathon in a pair of heels. So by adapting your masks and using multi masks to target specific aspects of your complexion, you are giving your skin exactly what it requires. Generally, younger skin is more likely to want to address excess oil, visible pores and dullness, whereas more mature skins tend to be more motivated to address signs of ageing, fine lines and uneven skin tone. Then on top of that you can add in seasonal and hormonal changes and each person could want to address up to 5 skin care concerns. Whilst you may want to avoid bathroom mirrors when trialling this trend, it actually is a seriously savvy way to personalise your skin care routine and allows you to treat multiple skin issues at the same time.

Perfect skin is within your grasp, so it’s time to get acquainted with your skin’s needs and find out how. Do you have a forehead shinier than Beyonce’s engagement ring, but cheeks in serious need of some moisture? Sensitive eyes, but a dull, lacklustre complexion? With Multi masking you can tackle every skin care concern at once, and each area targeted will gain serious benefits. Combination skin will no longer be the bane of your life with this genius skin care concept.

Now for the fun part, get customising and create the perfect face mask - it’s time to layer up! Oily skin, especially around the T-zone will benefit from a clay mask to purify and absorb excess oils. Bioelements Restorative Clay Pore Refining Treatment Mask £40.00 helps to shrink pores, for a calmer, more refined complexion.

Crepey, dry cheeks will be smoothed by the Clarins Hydraquench Cream Mask £22.50, leaving your cheeks soft, hydrated and radiant.

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As the skin under your eyes is thinner, many products, especially ones targeting oily skin may aggravate the area leaving it sensitive and dry. Elemis Anti Ageing Pro Collagen Hydra Gel Eye Masks £30.99 are the perfect remedy to stressed, under eye skin. For an extra soothing hit, pop the masks in the fridge an hour before you use them for the ultimate, cooling treat. Some people swear by cold spoons to deflate a tired eye, but for those who don’t have a spare set of hands to hold them in place as you try and fit in your usual household chores, then these are a pretty handy alternative.

Any hormonal skin issues or blackheads, can often be seen around the chin. A dab of Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment £44.99 and you can visibly see results happening before your eyes. The mud physically wraps around the blockage or blackhead and draws the impurities from your pores. Slightly horrifying but oh so satisfying!

Whatever your skin care concerns, there is a mask or two (or three, or four) to treat it. I’ll certainly be adding multi masking to my weekly skin care routine as a quick and effective way to treat what are literally my multi-faceted issues.

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