Is Orange The New Black? Or The New Red?

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You know how from generation to generation/mother to offspring would pass down heirloom recipes? Well what if I passed down lipstick secrets. What if my knowledge of… Giorgio Armani in “Hollywood” mixed with Mac in “Ruby Woo” would give you the perfect shade of tangerine is the greatest gift I can give to the universe. Isn’t that more fabulous than a saffron, broccoli and avocado salad? Beauty tips for make up are my heirloom recipes. Lets help you find the right lipstick shade for your skin tone.

On Wednesday the 29th of July it was National Lipstick day, which is basically everyday for me. So here are some facts you probably didn’t know unless you really, really, really love lipstick.

George Washington wore lipstick and a powdered wig. In 1770 the British Parliament attempted to ban lipstick, and failed (wearing lipstick was seen as a form of witchcraft). Later in 1920 The New York Board of Health tried to ban lipstick claiming it could poison a man when kissing a woman wearing it (little do they know women wearing lipstick still poison men). Egyptian women embraced lip colour so much so they desired to be buried with pots of crimson. Lipstick once meant you were a prostitute, it also meant you were educated and had a high social ranking. Lipstick clearly isn't one of the latest makeup looks.

Lipstick has a lot of baggage. Ultimately, according to psychologists, your lipstick is sending a message out to the world. Are you Zora? Zora is a fearless yet graceful SEO, who oozes feminine power. From Dita Von Teese to Gwen Stefani lipstick has been worn by some of the most self-assured women in history. The “Lipstick Effect” dates all the way back to The Great Depression, if it wasn’t for lipstick how else could we get through economic hardship? Not only does lipstick brighten up your face but also your day.

Now back to the 21st century and the latest lipstick news. The latest makeup look is orange lipstick could possibly be the new red, and you don’t have to be Joan Smalls to pull it off. On the spring runway, from Zac Posen to Carolina Herrera, an orange lip on a bare canvas was a fresh delight. Below you will find the right hues whatever your skin tone; this orange lipstick trend might just be easier to wear than you thought.

Pale Skin: It can be difficult finding the right lipstick shade for your skin tone, so look for yellow-undertones or neon orange if you are pale. Try Yves Saint Laurent, Rouge Pur Couture, No. 56, £22.25. This lipstick is hydrating yet perfecting with SPF 15. RMK, Irresistible Lips b 24 Translucent Coral, £10.45, has extra moisture for those with dry lips. Chloe Sevigny would be proud.

Olive Skin: If you are olive-skinned, opt for sandy undertones paired with bronzy neutrals. Nars Semi-matte in Heat Wave/Clementine/Funny Face, £20, will give you full-bodied colour. This is a long-wearing, highly pigmented formula guaranteed to give you a smooth finish. DHC Moisture Care Lipstick in Clementine, £11.50, will give you moisture and shine.

Dark Skin: If you have a dark skin tone and have deep eyes try a blood-orange hue. This is one of the latest makeup looks seen all over Fashion Week. Lipstick Queen in Endless Summer, £18, comes close. This lippy contains UV filters, SPF 15, and is enriched with natural oils.

All Skin types: A sheer peach or melon hue is flattering on all skin tones. Try Guerlain KissKiss Crème Lipstick, £26.50. Or try this long-lasting, antioxidant number by Yves Saint Laurent - Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick, £26,

Orange lipstick is the most brightest latest makeup looks, so wear with light highlighting and minimal make-up. “Now pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together”. Happy (belated) National Lipstick Day!

To create the latest makeup looks shop lipsticks and find the right lipstick shade for your skin tone here.