Is The Way You Are Sleeping Making You Look Older?

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It’s 10:35 p.m. and I have just got home from work and an inevitable gin & tonic with friends. (OK plural, I didn’t just drink one gin & tonic, Sherlock). Followed by an obligatory pre-bed routine of body brushing, flossing, and a 5-minute facial. You look up and it’s 2 a.m. and you are now watching a video of a baby monkey meeting puppies for the first time, you ask yourself… “What have I become?” You are no longer 15 years of age. Shut-eye is precious.

An hour before midnight is worth three? One of the best tips for healthy skin is beauty sleep. Those two little words which make my heart melt. Sleep deprivation is a side effect to every day stressors such as a demanding workload, late night texts from an ex-flame, wine and whining. These words are inevitably bound because sleep is vital for good health, from glowing skin, boosting your metabolism, to generally making you a pleasant person to be around. If you are interested in the best tips for healthy hair, the best tips for healthy skin, and the best anti-ageing skin care tips, read on.

Synthetic pillowcases will rob you of essential oils whilst silk pillowcases are the least absorbent.

A silk pillowcase may just be one of the best tips for healthy hair. It has been said the amino acids in silk proteins will regulate moisture; this is vital as cellular renewal is the fastest when we are asleep. Whilst it may seem rather decadent your lifeless limbs sprawled onto silk bedding it can help improve circulation, the delicate fiber wont pull your skin and you can wake up each morning with glowing skin. Hairstylists also recommend silk pillowcases to minimize fizz and keep hair cuticles neat.

Over 50% of us sleep on one side and this can prematurely encourage wrinkles on the face.

Sleeping with your face down will constrict blood vessels and congested fluid can cause you to wake up the next morning looking dull with puffy eyes regardless of the amount of hours you have slept. One of the best ageing skin care tip is to sleep on your back with your head slightly raised, this will also help you night cream penetrate better.

A candlelit bedtime bath with a few drops of lavender or neroli oil will help you catch those extra zzzz so you can wake up bright-eyed and radiant, ready to conquer the workload and ex-flame.

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