Is THIS The Best Body Treatment In London?

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Neighbouring Harrods and Harvey Nicks, and behind the burgeoning faces of Kate and Cara clad in Burberry, lies one of London’s top, swanky hotels. Sitting at the edge of Hyde Park, London’s Bulgari Hotel, specifically the Bulgari Spa, is a haven of calm in the centre of the city. The 5 star hotel boasts prime locations around the world, like this one in Knightsbridge, and we were lucky enough to spend the afternoon in their gorgeous spa.

Picture this: an entrance so beautiful, with high ceilings and grand hallways, the world outside seems a million miles away. A hotelier then leads you down to what can only be described as an underground sanctuary. Your therapist for the day greets and accompanies you to a changing room where the fluffiest, warmest robe is waiting with matching slippers. A private room (that’s bigger than my bedroom) is ready and the mood is immediately set – absolute SILENCE (my version of bliss). The room flickered with the candlelight that perfumed the room with scents of lily and jasmine, while our shadows were casted against the highest of ceilings. Laying on the heated, black bed, the therapist began the Body Rituals exfoliation and massage using warming oils and bodycare products from ESPA. After half an hour, the beads certainly felt like they were doing their job! Then, a private white stone shower room was ready to wash off the scrub and was stocked with top beauty aftercare products. The best part? There was no rush.

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Laying back on the heated bed feeling freshened up, the therapist began a foot massage before showing a wide range of nail polish colours to choose from for the pedicure – the winner? A bright orange for Fall! (Note: The colour lasted a good 2-3 weeks!) After the treatment, a refreshing cup of coconut water is offered while you get to choose a day bed to relax in surrounding the stunning indoor pool, for as long as you want. Thank you Bulgari Spa!

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