Is This The Reason You Have Sensitive Skin?

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Skin sensitivity can cause certain areas of the body or face to become unexpectedly sore, dry, inflamed or irritated at any given time. It is often brought on when the nerve endings from skin cells are disturbed and suffer a reaction from the use of harsh products and environmental changes.

What are the most common causes for sensitive skin?

Skin sensitivity can be caused by a number of reasons, but generally the most common causes lie between over exfoliating, using ingredients which are too harsh for the skin, an adjustment to the weather season or excessively exposing the skin to too much direct sunlight which can spur on heat rash, dry skin and sun damage.

How can I stop my sensitive skin from flaring up?

Sensitive skin is one of those things which can become very hard to predict unless you are actively aware of the ingredients which have affected your skin previously.

Ingredients such as perfume and alcohol are advisable to not use on your face as they can easily irritate the skin and cause a reaction, for extremely sensitive skin types introducing a new product into your skin care regime can also cause skin to become irritated. If you suffer from this it is best to do a patch test with a new product first on the back of your hand or your wrist, especially if you have an important event planned ahead.

Over waxing, shaving or using a body scrub more than 3 times a week is also a culprit for sensitive skin, ensure you are giving your skin at least a 1 week break in between shaving and waxing to allow your skin cells to repair.

If you suffer from heat rash when out or burn easily when exposed to the sun this will cause your skin to become sensitive, take extra precautions and wear a high SPF, taking breaks from sun exposure and staying in the shade when the sun is at its hottest will also help.

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How can I take care of skin sensitivity reactions?

Sensitive skin reactions require lots of soothing attention and TLC, try using a natural or organic cream which has been specifically designed for dry or sensitive skin and throw away the product which has caused your reaction. Taking the My Beauty Matches quiz can also help to provide free, impartial beauty suggestions for sensitive skin.

How long does skin sensitivity last for?

Depending on the type of skin sensitivity you are experiencing your skin should be back to normal within 1 - 2 weeks with the use of the right products and care taken to soothe and repair your skin cells.

If your sensitive skin lasts longer or turns into a reoccurring rash you could be experiencing a case of Eczema make an appointment to see your GP for a diagnosis.