Two Women Who Make International Women's Day Even More Inspiring

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From the day we are first placed in our Mother's arms, we are often destined to have found a best friend and a soulmate in them for life, but how many of us can say we've also found a business partner?

In celebration of International Women's Day, we caught up Marina Nubo and Irina Fedotova who both co - founded BIO-EXTRACTS, to meet the brains behind the cutting - edge biotechnology vegan brand.

What inspired the creation of BIO-EXTRACTS and when did you launch the brand?

Marina: We launched BIO-EXTRACTS at the start of 2016, due to a gap in the market I saw which we felt wasn’t being as fulfilled as it could be. Around 10 years ago, I launched a luxury, top of the range skin care company called Nubo. It has been, and still is, very popular, but as my daughter was growing up and getting more interested in specific skin care products, I became aware that the Nubo range was perhaps aimed at a very specific market, that maybe didn’t include her, and I wanted to do something about that.

Irina: The idea for BIO-EXTRACTS came through conversations with my Mother. Initially she wanted to know what I was looking for from a skin care range, but our ambitions quickly expanded, and we realised that we wanted to reinvent the conventional approach to skin care, and create an affordable brand without compromising on the quality or quantity of active ingredients.

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How did you both feel about going into business together, was this something you had dreamt of for a long time?

Irina: My Mother has been my mentor all my life, and as I was growing up, her business has always been around me – sometimes literally as she basically has a lab in the house! For that reason, going into business with her was the most logical thing to do. She’s a strong - willed business woman and a real role model for me, so it’s great that she’s now my business mentor as well as my life mentor.

Marina: Irina is not like the business partners I have worked with before, we could not be anymore different in our characters. After all, we were raised in different eras and in different countries, but that’s actually what makes it a great partnership. Having those differences is a beautiful thing, and it certainly makes the business more dynamic!

What inspired you to choose skin care over another beauty category?

Marina: From when I first started learning about skin care I knew I had found what I wanted to do. I would say I had found my vocation, but that makes it sound like it’s a job, and I have honestly never seen it like that. I guess the saying is true that once you find your passion, you will never work a day in your life. I have been lucky to find something that I really enjoy and it does not feel like a job at all.

Irina: For me, part of the appeal is the way the skin care products market works in comparison to the pharmaceutical industry. In that industry it costs companies billions of pounds and takes years to develop new drugs. Within our industry, it is still costly to discover new active ingredients, but it takes less time, so you can start to see the rewards of your work a lot sooner.

How long did the production take for the products to be made?

Marina: From the initial late night and early morning conversations about the idea to the very first product, it took about 5 years. It is incredibly exciting but still hard to believe that we now have 18 products on the market!

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We absolutely love the boosters at My Beauty Matches, everything from the innovative packaging to the concerns they target are brilliant! How did you come up with the syringe idea for the packaging, who’s idea was it?

Marina: I wanted a design that was practical, attractive and eye - catching, but also said something about the product. It’s great to know that we’ve achieved this. Thank you! In terms of the science behind the packaging, the airless syringe like packaging represents the revolutionary Micro - Injected Delivery System® in each Boost. This is an incredible system that ensures the rapid delivery and absorption of the active ingredients into the skin, without the need for injections.

Irina: While there were no arguments about the syringe idea, there were many family disputes over which Pantone colours to go for! But in the end, the choices we made reflect the fun and playful element of our brand. They also remind me of a Russian fairy tale my mother used to tell me, about a girl who received a magic flower with seven different coloured petals, each petal had the power to grant any wish that the girl desired. The Boosts are like the petals for me, every Boost grants a specific wish!

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Talk us through your daily skin care regime.

Irina: It really depends on where I am and what I’ve been doing the day before, which is the wonderful thing about of our line - it gives me the power to tailor my skin care solutions day and night - and why everything I’m going to mention now is part of it! I start with a magic cleansing towel and if it’s a party night, in the morning I’ll add a few shots of the Glow Boost, £19.50 and Hydro Boost, £19.50 to my moisturiser and Clean To Clear, £19.50 in the evening. I also vary my regime depending on where I’m going to be, so if I’m in the city, I add an Anti - Oxidant Boost, £19.50 as it’s an absolute must for protection against pollution. If it is coming up to my time of the month, Redness Relief, £19.50 and Clean to Clear, £19.50 are my saviours.

Marina: Cleansing is the most important part of any skin care routine so I start my day with the Vitamin C Foaming Cleanser from NuBo, £35. I then add a drop or two of Lifting, £19.50 and Firming Boost, £19.50 to my Normal Moisturiser, £27 and a drop of the Brightening Boost, £19.50 to the Age Defying Eye Contour Cream, £24 to get rid of any dark circles under my eyes, and I always carry the Anti - Oxidant, £19.50 and Hydro Boost, £19.50 in my handbag, in case my skin needs some love during the day.

What’s the best skin care tip you’ve ever been given?

Marina: SPA therapists rarely work with a single brand, preferring instead to give tailor made recommendations comprising from different brands and types of products. Such a personalised approach has taught me to always mix and match. Don’t look at labels and brand names. If a cream works, use it. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Don’t play by the rules. If you like a cream, use it during the day even if it may say it is a ‘night cream’.

Where would you like to see BIO-EXTRACTS in 5 years time?

Marina: It is always very rewarding to work on developing new products, to see your dreams become a reality and to see them making a difference to people. I would like to see BIO-EXTRACTS becoming a more established brand, with an ever growing range of products, giving people the power to blend their unique skin care solutions on a daily basis and ensure their skin is looking its best, no matter what the changes are in their lifestyle, environment or time zone.