It's Time To Ditch The Boots And Perfect Your Feet

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Despite owning a plethora of footwear (most of which never actually gets worn) one of my favourite things about winter is having an excuse to splash out on a new pair of boots which I will proceed to live in for the next 6 months. Whilst I do love boots with all my heart, the only downside of my favourite footwear is that it allows me to neglect my feet. Between November and April I pretty much do anything in my power to avoid looking at my feet because after months of no sunlight and lots of socks, they're not a pretty sight... But as sandal season will soon be upon us it's time to fix neglected tootsies so I've been scouring the internet for the best tips for healthy skin and online beauty buys for nourishing dry and unloved feet.

Dry cracked heels are a common problem for women of any age and healing them is a lot more difficult than simply dousing them in moisturiser. Once the skin dries it hardens and cracks can reach deep into the skin, resulting in pain, discomfort and even infection so it's an important problem to fix. Sadly the only solution isn't instant and it's likely you'll need to have a few home pedicures because the skin is back to it's natural, smooth and healthy state.

The first tip for healthy skin is to try and buff away as much dead and dry skin as you can (without hurting yourself) using a pumice stone like this Pedro Callus Stone from Tweezerman £17.00 which has a handle making it easier to effectively exfoliate the whole foot. Important parts to focus on are the heels, balls of the feet and bumps on the outer side of the feet where your little toe meets your foot as these are where dead, dry skin most commonly build up. This step should always be done when the feet are bone dry as pumicing wet feet is uncomfortable and ineffective.

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Next comes my favourite bit, the long soothing soak. Fill up a bowl of warm water and add a few drops of your favourite oil, mine is the Relax Bath & Shower Oil from Aromatherapy Associate £34.75 which has an incredibly soothing fragrance. Then simply sit back and relax as the warm water works its magic by softening the skin while the luscious oils provide nourishment. If the skin on your feet is looking a bit red or angry in any places then one top tip for healthy skin is to add a teaspoon of salt to the water can help to treat mild infections and inflammation. The warm water will also help to soften your nails which can get stronger as we get older making them difficult to clip and file without splitting or fracturing. If you think your feet could still use a little extra buffing then try using a foot scrub like this On The Hoof Foot Scrub from Cowshed £22.00 which uses natural volcanic sands to gently scrub away dead skin.

Now it's time to cut down the excess nail (talons on your toes aren't usually the best look for summer) so using a nail clipper, remove the excess nail in a straight line as curved lines can cause painful ingrown toenails and cut to a length so that the nail doesn't overhang. The cuticles on our nails can be pretty tough to budge and using bamboo sticks to push them back can cause the skin to come away from the nail and make them prone to infection, so the easiest way to clean up your cuticles is by using a treatment like the Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator from Butter £14.00 which gently and effectively dissolves the cuticle in minutes.

Finally to boost the health of the nails (months stuffed inside a sock can be rough on your tootsies) try rubbing in a nourishing oil like the Decléor Aromessence Ongles Strengthening Oil Serum £32.00 which has a nourishing blend of essential oils which reinforce the strength of your nails. Now your feet are gorgeous, fresh and ready to go!

Feet aren't the prettiest part of our bodies but with some TLC and quality beauty products your tootsies can look fresh and fabulous. There's nothing worse than wanting to wear sandals but living in fear of the state of your feet so give your toes some love and attention this Spring so you can rock those flip flops with pride.

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