January Detox: Top 5 Skin Saving Products

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If there’s one thing we all know about Christmas, it’s that it is the season of overindulgence. All the great food and free-flowing alcohol is enough to knock anyone off of their usual beauty regime and come January, all the feasting and partying has usually taken a toll on our bodies. Thankfully one of our favourite things about the New Year is having the chance to detox and get ourselves ready for another twelve months of hectic living. At My Beauty Matches we’ve handpicked our favourite online beauty buys to give your January detox a helping hand…

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There’s nothing like a soak in the bath after a long day,it’s the perfect way to relax and claim back a bit of ‘me-time’ and a great product to enjoy is these Perfect Potion Detox Bath Soak from £14.46. Containing grapefruit peel and juniper berry oils, this luxurious soak encourages the natural detoxification process, banishing pollutants from the pores of your skin. Simply add two heaped tablespoons to the water, and soak for at least twenty minutes - I know, it’s just terrible being forced to relax. You’ll emerge from the water with renewed skin, soothed muscles and a fresh outlook for the year. Perfection.

Exfoliating skin is important all year round, but even more so in the colder months as icy winds and central heating cause dead skin cells to build up, leaving your once smooth complexion looking flaky and dull. This Detox Aromatique Refining Exfoliant from Ella Baché £16.08 is a luxurious example of a gentle exfoliator that will buff away your worries. Containing salicylic acid to encourage new cell renewal, glycerin to seal in natural moisture and allantoin to soothe and reduce inflammation this super-product will reveal calmer, clearer and more radiant skin. Not sure which skin care products are right for you? Try taking our quick and free online questionnaire to discover the perfect skin care brands for you.

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After shedding all the rough skin to reveal your smooth and soft complexion, it’s important to treat it with a nourishing mask such as this Ren Clearcalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask £30. This restoring treatment is designed to effectively treat breakouts with it’s twice-weekly application. Formulated with French Clay and liquorice extract, it absorbs and prevents an overproduction of sebum which is a common cause of blocked pores and imperfections. Apply to clean skin and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and hey presto! Clear, rejuvenated skin.

The Bliss Fat Girl Slim Firming Cream £33 is the perfect body moisturiser for anyone who (like me) feels they may have gotten a little too enthusiastic with the mince pies over Christmas. it can reduce the appearance of cellulite whilst firming and toning your skin at the same time. Containing QuSome (otherwise known as encapsulated caffeine), this clever little ingredient works at making your skin look and feel more toned by visibly reducing the appearance of excess fluid retention in skin layers. Massage into skin twice a day and watch how it changes - although don’t make it an excuse not to hit that treadmill!

Put your skincare to work whilst you get your beauty sleep. Eight hours’ shut-eye is the perfect time for magic ingredients to really penetrate your skin and make a real difference in its appearance. This Night Detox Cream from Vichy £11.65 works to control the production of sebum which is a common cause of oily, blemish-prone skin. Apply before you drop off and you’ll awake with reduced blemishes, smaller pores and a radiant complexion. And who doesn’t want that? Not sure which skin care products are right for you? Try taking our quick and free online questionnaire to gain access to your beauty matches.

Five wonder products you can work into your skin care routine leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for 2016. For a full body makeover it’s always beneficial to combine a good beauty routine with a healthy diet and exercise, but let’s start with baby steps (and baby-soft skin!)

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