La Roche Posay: The Sun Cream That Will Change Your Life

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I’m pretty lucky that I can spend a day in the skin and not burn to a crisp, however even from a young age it has been drilled into me that suncream matters. You won’t find me slathering on the factor 8 and sitting on a beach for 8 hours straight, because a) I don't want to look like a certain Versace based fashion designer, b) it's terribly bad for your skin and c) a higher factor doesn't stop you tanning anyway.

However, just because I wear factor 30 doesn't mean I like to look like I’ve coated myself in a matte white primer, much like you do when painting an undercoat in your bedroom. Add in the tendency to get heat rash and dehydrated skin, a dislike of parabens and other chemical nasties and I bring you my annual summer holiday sun cream debacle. What sun cream to use for sensitive skin?

Last week I was (very) lucky enough to be spending a week on the stunning Island of Sardinia (and yes I would most definitely recommend it if anyones interested), and was tasked with sourcing the suncream for myself and the man. A typical guy who will half heatedly spray on whatever’s closest to him but miss a higher proportion of skin that not and generally avoids sun cream because its “slimy”.

Step forward la Roche Posay Anthelios XL sun cream range, great for sensitive skin. Already seduced by their skin care (Read More: 3 Ways la Roche Posay Saved My Sensitive Skin it seemed like a good place to start. Born in a tiny french town of the same name, La Roche Posay harnesses the power of the towns purest, thermal spring waters to treat any skin complaints, nourish sensitive skin and make skin radiant.

It’s paraben-free, with a reduced amount of chemical filters, non comedogenic and non-perfumed, so it ticks nearly all the boxes for my sensitive skins suncream needs. It also contains Mexoryl XL and Mexoryl SX, ingredients which are widely recommended by dermatologists as the most effective sunscreens against UVB and UVA rays.

I bought the entire SPF 30+ arsenal with me to Sardinia and it was well worth the suitcase space. I use the giant tube of lovely moisturising La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Smooth Body Lotion SPF30 each morning instead of moisturising after the shower from top to toe and in just a few minutes my skin was velvety soft, dry to touch and there was no trace of a stark white hue. I even managed to repeatedly cover my boyfriend with no objections from him at the nourishing lotion. At £28.00 it’s not the cheapest suncream on the block but the tube is huge and lasted the entire week, add in the fact that we didn't burn at all and for once I didn't succumb to the dreaded prickly heat and I’m thoroughly smitten.

On beach days we topped up with La Roche Posay Anthelios Sun Care Body Spray Spf 30+. The light formula barely needs any rubbing in, so there are less chances of accidentally exfoliating yourself with a handful of sand.

For the face and neck we used Anthelios Sun Care Anti-shine Matte Fluid For Oily To Acne Prone Skin Spf30 as I can’t stand anything to greasy on my face, and usually end up with all manner of pimples after a week on the beach. If you cant bear to leave your face naked on the beach then the tinted version La Roche Posay Anthelios Xl Ultra Light Tinted Fluid Spf50+ is a great option too for light coverage without compromising on the protection. The fluid is almost invisible, sinks in immediately and protects your face from the drying effects of salt water, chlorine, sun (any maybe even sangria). A week later my sensitive skin feels heavenly, not a single blocked pore or blackhead in sight. I have even been using it back in London post holiday in place of my daily moisturiser and still haven’t had a single breakout.

Shop the sensitive skin saving La Roche Posay Sun cream range here.