Leg Contouring : How To Get Legs Like a Model

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The sweltering summer sun demands that our wardrobes be filled with eye-catching printed shorts, playful crop tops and easy-breezy cotton dresses. With these gorgeous summer fashions, we’re looking forward to showing some skin. Before we step out in style, we like to ensure that we’ve buffed, scrubbed and highlighted our legs to perfection. One of the latest beauty trend that might help this cause is leg contouring. In the past we’ve used contouring to help our nose appear smaller and fake modelesque cheekbones, now there is a way to use it to achieve red carpet worthy legs. Here’s a list of summer beauty tips and a helpful guide on how to get legs like a model.

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To contour you’re required to use three different shades of foundation to give the desired chiselled definition to a particular body part - the colour of your skin tone, the second one two shades darker and the third, two shades lighter. A product we love using for leg contouring is Lord and Berry’s Conceal-it Stick Various Shades £12.00. It is a concealer and foundation stick with medium, buildable coverage that camouflages dark circles and other unwanted imperfections. Enriched with macadamia nut oil and waterlily extracts, the hydrating cover-up glides effortlessly and evenly onto skin, covering minor flaws, dark circles, blemishes and fine lines with long-lasting effect. Its rich, heat-resistant formulation feels luxurious on your skin and leaves your complexion looking more even and perfected.

Draw on the darker shade of foundation around your calves and lighter hue on the centre of it. The basic principal involved in leg contouring is that the darker parts seem further away and the lighter, slightly forward. These three colours are then blended to seamless perfection to help you achieve leaner, longer looking legs.

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Have you ever wondered about how celebrities get that envy-worthy shine on their legs while working the red carpet? Luckily for us celebrity makeup artists are more than happy to reveal their secrets. Before heading out for a special night out, apply a mixture of your preferred hydrating lotion with Rimmel’s London Good To Glow Highlighter Notting Hill Glow £4.99. Unlike the greasy look given by body oils, this will give your legs a subtle luminous glow.

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Another amazing product we can’t get enough of is Estee Lauder’s Body Pleasures Body Lotion £34.00. Based on Estee Lauder’s super popular fragrance, not only does this lightweight lotion absorb quickly to give you silky, soft skin but also leaves a lingering floral scent.

Proper use of beauty products is not the only way to show off lust worthy legs - 40-50 squats daily is another task the doctor ordered. But thanks to our fast paced lives, spending hours at the gym to achieve chiselled calves isn't always possible - so use our summer beauty tips to fake it till you make it.

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