The Best Long Lasting Red Lipsticks

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Girl wearing red lipstick, eating a burger

Despite being women of different penchants, most of us can reach a mutual agreement on one thing: a rouge lip. From Egyptian royalty, Post-war actresses, and, now, worn by many a woman in bustling metropolises, red lipstick has stood an enduring test of time. So just as we believed the beauty product could not become more timeless, well, it has— and in quite the literal sense as well. Say goodbye to faded red lips, because we have our top long lasting rouges that will endure everything from your favourite greasy foods to your significant other’s sloppy kisses!

Stila, Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss, in ‘Poppy’

In its sleek tube, Stila’s ‘Stay All Day’ lip gloss has an electrifying orange-red pigment and a moisturising long-wearing formula. If you are a busy woman who hardly has time for a tea break, let alone a midday touch-up, just quickly sweep this onto your lips in the morning and… no, that’s literally it. Invest in a reliable oil-based makeup remover though, as this lip gloss is relentless.

NARS, Lip Pencil Velvet Matte, in ‘Dragon Girl’

Like a glorified crayon for adults, NARS velvet matte lip pencils are playful and exquisitely satisfying to apply. The pencil applicator coats lips with a creamy consistency, and quickly dries as a vivid, matte finish. Its long lasting, non-drying formula means you can tuck into that buttery, custard doughnut, and, after the gluttony, still have flawless red lips.

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Gloss, in ‘Lasting Achievement’

No rouge list would be complete without a sultry plum red hue, and MAC’s ‘Lasting Achievement’ is just that. Unlike our female counterparts in the 80s who were wearing sticky, smudging lip gloss formulas and re-applying as often as Spandau Ballet played on the radio, we can now wear lip gloss for hours and hours on end without excessive re-applications.

Estée Lauder All Day Lipstick, in ‘Frosted Apricot’

Estée Lauder’s lipstick practically defies the laws of physics: its lustrous, satin finish somehow has the long lasting agency of matte formulas. Despite not being able to wrap our heads around this beguiling mysticism, there is one thing we are positive about, which is that this lipstick stays true to its description. Your lips will be stained a demure shade of flushed-apricot till night arrives.

Rimmel Provocalips Transfer Proof Lipstick, in ‘Kiss Me You Fool’

Aptly named, this lipstick really is smooch proof. Its vibrant telephone box red formula lasts up to a hefty 16 hours on lips, due to a two part system: applying the colour to your lips, and then locking the colour in with a clear topcoat. Wearing a lipstick this brilliant, your loved one really would be an absolute fool for not kissing you…