Luxurious Long-Term Tanners For Beautifully Bronzed Skin

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After a depressingly long winter we’re thrilled to welcome bright sunny days that only mean one thing - time to take out our colourful summer wardrobe and put away the dark toned coats. Call it the Kardashian effect or something else, one of the top 2016 beauty trends is all about sporting a bronze glow. Flaunting pale skin is something that none of us want in the summer - it just doesn't go with out mini skirts and short shorts. Since most of us are shortchanged on time and can’t spend hours in the outdoors in an attempt to get tanned, here’s list of the best beauty products that can help you fake that glow, all summer long.

Fake Bake Instant Self-tanning Liquid Darker Formula £98.00

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This instant self-tanning body lotion features an easy-to-apply liquid that helps create a deeper darker instant tan without any sun exposure to help. It contains three tanning agents for a deep tan and a colour guide that ensures you’re never stranded with unattractive streaks. Another plus point is that its formula comes blended with Vitamin D for hydrating benefits that ensures your skin is left moisturised.

Esthederm Bronz Repair Tanning Face Cream Extreme Sun £54.00

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This nourishing tanning face cream helps stimulate the tanning process and activate the natural pigmentation process to achieve that coveted sun-kissed glow. The cream is also made to maximise cells' energy environment and protect your skin from UVB/UVA rays, all the while gently repelling the terrible effects of photo-ageing - basically an all-in-one package needed on your beauty shelf.

Kanebo’s Sensai Silky Bronze Self Tanning For Body

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One of the best beauty buys available today, this product by Kanebo glides on your skin smoothly and melts in almost instantly. One application is enough to give you a gorgeous glow! The company claims that it provides the ultimate effective hydration to prevent dryness as well as creates an evened out bronze finish.

Fake Bake’s Original Formula Self-tan Lotion Salon Size £95.50

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Another amazing product by Fake Bake that is worth investing in is this powerful lotion that contains the highest quality natural actives and tanning ingredients. It features a moisture-rich streak-free formula that softens skin and at the same time provides a rich colour that is deeper than others - it's natural looking plus longer lasting.

If you’ve always wondered if tanning products actually work, we’re here to tell you that we can vouch for the four listed above. After having our skin deprived of sunshine all winter long it's awfully hard to catch up and provide it with the beautiful bronze colour it needs, but with our product recommendations you can get ready to proudly show off some skin!

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