Make Staying In The New Going Out With These Top Home Spa Treatments

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As the winter weather continues to worsen and working life gets back into full swing, a relaxing day at the spa has never looked so tempting, but when you’re busy it can be difficult making the time. That’s why we’ve put together our favourite online beauty buys and relaxing tips so you can enjoy spa at home, meaning even when you’re short on time you can feel pampered.

enter image description here Half the magic of going to a spa is the ambience. It’s quiet, the lights are dimmed and there are candles flickering in the shadows. You could apply the most relaxing treatment in the world but if you’re surrounded by bright lights with Spongebob Squarepants blaring in the background, it’s unlikely you’re going to feel the same results. To recreate a spa at home try to find a nice quiet room and switch off the lights, light up some candles (or buy some electric ones) and spritz the air with some relaxing oils. One of our favourite soothing scents is this Lazy Cow Bath & Massage Oil from Cowshed £24.48. The soothing woody & oriental scents will relax and pacify your mind with a calming blend of jasmine and chamomile extracts. Place a few drops in a bowl of warm water or place in an oil burner to infuse the room with a calming scent that will transport you to your home spa.

enter image description here If you're wanting to begin your spa at home with a shower, we recommend placing your post-shower moisturising lotion on a radiator or warm surface. There is no greater feeling than stepping out of the shower, drying off and lathering yourself in warm, soothing lotion. A great body moisturiser to kick off your home spa treatment is this Beyond Organic Body Balm for Feeding Skin & Senses from Ila £40.80. Developed with mineral and natural plant ingredients, Ila’s ethical range of luxurious spa products all have soothing scents and beautiful textures. This super-nourishing cream, packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants from rose otto, argan oil and beeswax, is perfect for soothing dry, problem skin. Massage into your skin and inhale as the light, exotic and floral scents clear tired your mind.

enter image description here If you’re more of a bathing beauty, then adding a calming oil to your bath water is another great way to recreate the spa at home. Just a few drops makes the world of difference both to the fragrance in the room and the softness of your skin. So switch off your phone, dim the lights and pop on your favourite CD and make a date with the tub and a relaxing bath oil such as this Aromatherapy Associates' Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil £45. With such soothing scents and a silky texture, it's the equivalent of a full body massage in the tub. Bliss!

Feeling a little clogged up this month? You can create a steam room at home with just a bowl and a towel. Simply fill up the bowl with water, hot enough that it is steaming but not so hot that it hurts your face and place a towel over your head so that it covers the edges of the bowl. This will allow the steam to stay locked in, unclogging pores, unblocking sinuses and clearing your mind. Who needs a spa retreat?

enter image description here After you’ve steam treated your skin it’s important to apply a soothing face treatment to lock in the moisture. One of our favourite wrinkle fighting home spa treatments is this Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Mask from Elemis £49.50. This luscious cream mask combines the power of Quartz with multiple essential oils to instantly uplift and hydrate the skin, minimising signs of ageing and revealing a more youthful appearance. Avoid having any painful procedures and choose this botox-in-a-box relaxing beauty treatment (no needles involved!).

enter image description here Many spa facials include a head and scalp massage, so to make it an authentic spa at home experience you need a luxurious home treatment for your weary head. Thankfully, the miracle workers at ESPA have formulated this Pink Hair & Scalp Mud Treatment £32 which soothes and nourishes the hair. The vitamin C rich mud boosts circulation to the scalp, improving the health of the skin and even promoting hair growth. Simply scoop out a generous amount and massage into your scalp for a nourishing treatment that feels utterly indulgent.

enter image description here Feeling a little short on time? You can still fit in some home-spa treatments by using a restorative night treatment. A great product on the market which works its magic while you sleep is this Aroma Night Essence from Decleor, £53.95. This ultra-powerful night skincare treatment firms the skin and increases elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. An aromatic elixir containing exceptionally precious essential oils and plant oils, which helps to reboot the skin's cell activity while you sleep. Inspired by Decléor Expert Salon Therapists this products combines the positive effects of it’s natural and active ingredients to help skin to look renewed, lifted and plumped. Upon waking, you’ll find signs of fatigue are reduced, your skin's texture is refined and your complexion appears more radiant, not bad for a night’s sleep!

With these soothing products at home-spa treatment tips you can recreate the ultimate spa treatment from your own home. All you need now is to find the perfect “soothing whale sounds” soundtrack, luckily we thought of that too... Enjoy.

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