The Salon That Will Help You Fall Back In Love With Your Hair

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As much as I'm a beauty enthusiast at heart it may come as a surprise when I say that I’m terrible when it comes to going to the hairdressers, in fact to put it bluntly getting my hair cut is quite honestly my worst nightmare!

My hesitation to go to the hairdresser's or should I say my hatred for getting my hair cut is something which began at the age of 6 years old, after I began experimenting with my Mum’s barrel brush on the way to school one morning, which inevitably ended up tangled in my hair, leading to an inexpertly wonky fridge cut by my Dad with the finest kitchen scissors he could find, before heading off to the hairdressers after school where I distinctly remember being told there wasn't much they could do to my fridge except level it off.

That in itself was something to quite simply make or break my experience of the hairdressers and since then my relationship with letting go of any aspect of my hair has never been an easy one. Fast forward 20 years and I'm still on my annual 'can't get out the door quick enough' trips to the hairdresser, which is also brought on by the fact that my hair couldn't grow any slower if it tried.

If it wasn't for my scraggly split ends or the fact that I'm encouraged to go to the hairdressers in my work as a beauty journalist I'd probably still be stuck in my non existent ways, however I think I may have potentially found one salon which has recently transformed my fear of the hairdressers and subsequently my views on getting my hair trimmed for good.

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Situated in the heart of the Rosewood Hotel, London Matthew Curtis Hair lies on the lower ground floor. Inspired with an Orient Express-esque interior, the hair salon has a impressive 1930’s aura.

I was welcomed in by the lovely Jason Collier who is an award - winning hair colourist and creative director at Matthew Curtis Hair and also our resident hair expert at My Beauty Matches. After explaining my initial reluctance against regular trips to the salon Jason took all of my views on board and promised not to take off anymore of my hair than what was necessary which surprisingly wasn't a lot at all! After washing and conditioning my hair with leading brand Kerastase Paris' my hair treatment was followed up with blow dry in what I can only say was the quickest drying time I've ever experienced, 15 minutes to be exact as opposed to the usual 40 plus minutes it takes to usually dry my unruly locks at home.

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Once my hair was fully dry Jason followed up with straightening it and then got to work with my split ends using a cutting comb to take off as little as possible, but still enough to leave me with super sleek yet super impressionable locks, which for once looked longer and felt healthier than ever before, the style was the completed with a few effortless waves to add some definition into my hair and can I take a second to mention again that this all took under an hour to complete.

If you're anything like me and aren't a fan of the obligatory trim, putting your faith into Jason's skills is something I guarantee you won't regret.

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