Micellar Water: Why Do I Need It?

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You have heard the hype, so now we show you what the skincare products that makeup artists rave about really are, as well as which we think is the best micellar water around. Also, register for an account with us by filling out our simple beauty quiz and find the products that suit you personally. We take the guesswork out of the whole process to make your busy life easier.

So, what is micellar water and why do I need it? The small micellar particles in a micellar solution draw makeup and impurities away from the skin and work best when swept across the face with a cotton pad. For the best results, use at night to remove makeup and in the morning to cleanse the face. Although some micellar waters can be pricey, one bottle lasts a long time as you only need a few drops on your cotton pad for great results.

If you have been struggling with how to easily remove makeup quickly, then micellar waters will be perfect for you as there is no need to rinse afterwards. They have the consistency of water which feels refreshing on the skin and leaves no residue unlike some makeup wipes do.

Are makeup wipes bad for your skin? You may be wondering what is wrong with using makeup wipes. Although they are a godsend when you would rather jump into bed than go through your evening skincare routine, (we have all been there), the way in which they leave residue on the skin means that your skin is likely to become dry and irritated.

What micellar waters are there? Take a look at some of the micellar water products we have on My Beauty Matches, including the famous Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution For Sensitive Skin. A favourite amongst celebrities and beauty bloggers alike, here at My Beauty Matches we can see why! A makeup remover for sensitive skin, normal or dry, this micellar solution cleanses and removes all of your makeup including waterproof makeup.

Caudalie’s Makeup Remover Cleansing Water promises that your skin will feel “clean, soft and comfortable” after use. This micellar solution is soap free and is a great makeup remover for sensitive skin as it has 97.5% natural ingredients. These include organic grape water and chamomile extract. This means you can apply it to the eye area without irritation which is great news for those us who love to rock eye makeup!

One micellar solution you may be unfamiliar with is the Ella Bache Tomato Micellar Water Makeup Remover. Tomato? Hear us out. This micellar solution is blended with tomato lycopene vitamins and mineral salts, which are great for nourishing and toning the skin! For bright and youthful skin, this could be the product for you. It is formulated with ProBioSkin, an ingredient that helps shield skin giving you a fresh looking complexion.

Our best micellar water? We have to agree with the pro’s as we love Bioderma! It feels so refreshing on the skin and you can see the difference in your skin after using it for a while. Now you know all about micellar waters, you will now know how to easily remove makeup with a product that is great for your skin, especially as a makeup remover for sensitive skin!

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