National Hairstyle Appreciation Day : Styles That Got Models Ahead Of The Game

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Aah supermodels, no one can deny that us regular people share a love-hate relationship with these leggy goddesses. We begrudge them for their endless legs, lithe bodies and their yacht parties but we can’t deny that we love them for their style and beauty. Some insist that models are simply walking hangers to showcase fashion designs but most of us know that they stand for so much more. In the past few decades we’ve seen legends such as Twiggy, Christie Brinkely, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Kate Moss - their vibrant personalities along with ruling the runaways, dominate magazine covers, billboards and major endorsement deals. Today we’re going to be talking about the hairstyles that empowered some of these women and their coveted tips for healthy hair.

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Naomi Campbell’s structured bangs are almost as famous as her notorious behaviour. However it is also true that she never sticks with the bangs for too long, she is always experimenting with different ways to wear them. According to her hair stylist’s tips for healthy hair and gorgeous bangs, never ever add too much product to them or they become too greasy, instead use your fingers to blow dry and finish off by spritzing on some dry shampoo (Fudge’s Dry Shampoo £10.45).

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The ‘Karlie’ or the ‘Chop’ is currently the it hairstyle and we’re not the only ones in love with it - Vogue declared it to be the ‘cut of the moment’. A brainchild of hairstylist Garren Defazio, it rests a little above the shoulders and comes with bangs. To maintain this fuss-free swingy hairstyle all you need is a Joico’s Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray £9.15 as it helps add body and bounce to your style.

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Other than striding down the runaway like she owns it, Gigi Hadid’s got major claim on her wavy locks. As a part of the new-age supermodel tribe, she’s on top of her social media game, has an amazing fashion sense and aces her beauty looks. To recreate her messy-yet-composed waves, cover your wet hair with a volumanizer - we recommend Redken's Volume Full Effect Mousse £12.99. Next use a blow dryer to dry, constantly ruffling your your hair with your fingers to give some added texture and working your way from the crown to the ends. Finally add more texture by finishing off with a dry shampoo (the dependable Batiste Dry Shampoo will suffice).

Whether it’s Cindy Crawford’s iconic swept waves or Gisele Bundchen’s lustrous locks or even Twiggy’s side-swept pixie cut, there is no denying that we’ve been smitten by model hairstyles since a long long time. But remember with their constant experimentation with makeup and hair, they’re also known to fiercely protective of the health of their skin and hair. The secrets behind their beautiful locks is not only styling but also the fact that they spend hours maintaining and taking care of their mane. So to achieve a supermodel worthy hairstyle don’t forget to deep-condition and oil your hair once every week.

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