Nature is The BEST Cure for Your Sensitive Scalp

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Thin, limp hair can be a nightmare when all you desire is thickness and volume. Due the chemicals within hair products, it’s difficult if you have a sensitive scalp to find a product that doesn’t irritate your skin and dry it out. With plenty of choice for sensitive skin care products out there, you know your face is well tended to [Read more: Hypoallergenic Skin Care for Super Sensitive Skin], but when it comes to your hair, there are less options available to get that incredible volume without the added side of irritation.

The range is growing however, from products promising to treat dry, itchy, flaky scalps in mere minutes, to long-term treatments that help the hair and scalp absorb moisture and stop them from drying out. Most products however, either do not disclose their ingredients list or show that they actually contain sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLS) which is known to irritate the scalp, so more brands are releasing products that are more natural and less likely to be counter productive.

Just like with sensitive skin care, using products with natural ingredients ensures the protection of your skin against nasty chemicals but still does the fabulous job of what the product was intended for. Bardou’s Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner are not only kind to the scalp as they’re SLS-free, but they plump and shine your hair to perfection, giving you that full bodied barnet you’ve been dreaming of. Spritz with Texture Mist for that added oomph of volume.

If you suffer from a dry scalp or eczema, you can find tonnes of sensitive skin care products specially recommended to you by taking our quiz!

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