New Hair Care Oils From Lee Stafford: uBunTu Oils from Africa

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New Hair Care Oils From Lee Stafford uBunTu Oils from Africa.jpg

Just last month saw the release of a new range of hair care oils that we know you are going to love. The uBunTu Oils from Africa range from Lee Stafford is dedicated to the kind treatment of hair (unbuntu means kindness). If you are into fair trade beauty products and hydrating hair products, or if you are simply looking for new hair treats such as a good heat protection spray, then read on to find out more about the range. Then fill in our beauty quiz if you have not already, to discover beauty products to suit you.

This range of hair loving products are not just great news for your head, but also for the world. The oils are all sourced using fair trade principles such as good working conditions for workers, which is perfect for lovers of fair trade beauty products. The range takes inspiration from African beauty regimes with a range of hydrating hair products that keep 4 hair types in mind.

The first of the hair care oils used is Baobab oil, which is used to treat dry hair. Mafura oil is best for repairing coarse/damaged hair. Marula oil is the third of the hair care oils and is used to treat fine/damaged hair. Mongongo oil is used to prevent hair colour from fading. All sourced from African fruits, these fair trade beauty products’ oil content from the kernel can be as rich as 65%. This means it delivers big results in the way of hydration and repair. Just what every woman who loves hydrating hair products wants to hear! But what are our favourite products from the range?

1. Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oils From Africa Heat Protection Spray - We love a good heat protection spray and have got through our fair share over the years. A good heat protection spray is essential for anyone who uses straighteners, hair dryers or any heat on their hair. This product smells amazing, like a holiday in a bottle, and hair feels instantly soft after each use.

2. Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oils From Africa Hair Butter - Next is a product infused with their amazing hair care oils that instantly restores moisture to dry hair. You use this butter after your shampoo but before your conditioner. Massage into hair from the roots to the ends, leave for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse out before conditioning. It is an innovative product which we think delivers gorgeous shiny results.

3. Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oils From Africa Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner - We had to mention the fact this range comes with a brilliant shampoo and a conditioner. Smelling lovely again, these products are packed with vitamins, oils and moisture. It is every dry haired gal’s dream and we think these 2 work great together.