The 2000 Year Old Beauty Products That Still Work Today

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Unsure which one of Urban Veda’s natural beauty products is right for you? This handy skincare guide will steer you towards your perfect skincare matches. Each on of Urban Veda Skincare ranges have expertly curated formulas, packed with organic and natural ingredients.

Urban Veda’s natural beauty products are formulated to be suited to different skin care types. Inspired by the principles of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, skin types are associated with ‘doshas’. An Ayurvedic term to describe the physical and emotional tendencies in our mind and body.

Urban Veda natural beauty products are formulated using Ayurvedic herbs, flowers and fruits, omega-rich bio-oils, free radical-fighting antioxidants and vitality-boosting essential fatty acids, to maintain your skin’s natural balance.

So, which category do you sit in? Does your skin need Purifying, Soothing, Radiance or Reviving? Urban Veda works groups your skin types, like most other skincare brands. However, there is one difference. Instead of grouping by dull, dry, oily etc they instead determine your “dosha”.

skin type

  • oil-prone | kapha
  • dry + dehydrated | vata
  • mature | tri-doshic
  • normal | kapha
  • sensitive | pitta
  • combination | tri-doshic
  • pigmentation | vata

My skin is on the sensitive side, so my dosha is 'Pitta'. Therefore the recommended natural skincare products for me are from the 'Soothing' collection. Which includes Exfoliators, a facial wash, a toner, day cream, night cream and body products such as a scrub, wash and body lotion, which all aim to give gentle skin-clarifying benefits, hydrate and preserve the skin’s natural balance whilst using Ayurvedic infusions to harmonise therapeutic botanicals that fight fatigue, dehydration and stress that we encounter within the modern world. Here are their 4 amazing natural beauty product ranges, they guarantee one will suit your skin type (Find your skin type here: Do You Really Have The Skin Type You Think You Do? and soothe your dosha! I instantly connected with the Urban Veda products, the moisturiser seemed to cool my skin upon contact and left it feeling supple and hydrated all day, no flushing in sight!

The Purifying collection: A detoxifying and refreshing skin care range for oil prone and congested skin. It contains powerful Ayurvedic Neem oil, a very powerful antiseptic and antibacterial plant. An ideal natural ingredient for those who have excess skin oils. The mild cleansing properties helps to alleviate Kapha and Pitta imbalances.

The Soothing Collection: A restorative natural skincare range designed to soothe and clarify sensitive skin. Containing sweet and balmy Sandalwood, for it’s incredibly soothing and moisturising properties, ideal for very dry skin. The balmy fragrance is slightly woods with a hint of sweetness is a balanced spice which helps to incite a feeling of calm over both mind and skin.

The Radiance Collection: A revitalising and moisturising range ideal for helping dry, dull and lacklustre complexions to regain their natural glow. Packed with brightening Turmeric, a warming spice that's part of the Ginger family. These plants add glow and radiance to complexions, and is particularly beneficial on darker, hyperpigmentation and discolouration prone skins. For over 2000 years, Turmeric has been one of the staple natural ingredients used in Ayurveda for its complexion-enhancing benefits. A powerful anti- inflammatory antioxidant it promotes cellular defense against skin stress such as pollution and lifestyle imbalances, to improve tone and radiance. Leaving you with younger and healthier looking skin.

The Reviving Collection: An enriching natural skincare collection to plump and pamper, tired and mature skins. It’s main ingredient is Rosa Damascena flower water. A supremely gentle yet effective hydrating ingredient. The delicate scent and high antioxidant content replenish and clarify even the most dry of skin types. Rose is suitable for all three doshas, and is another one of Ayurveda's famed ingredients that has been used for over 2000 years relax, replenish and revive body and mind.

And there you have it - ancient wisdom and ingredients that are still relevant today. Choose your dosh and your skincare type and let Urban Veda works their Ayurveda magic on your skincare regime.