On Point Summer Manicures That Are Super Easy

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Summer is the season of happiness for it is that time of the year when we’re finally heading to parks to enjoy leisurely picnic days, looking for terrace bars with views of the gorgeous blue skies and exploring the city without heavy woollens weighing us down. Since the weather is now glorious, we’re free to get rid of the pesky gloves which only means one thing - time has come to prep our nails for the season. We decided to scour through the latest beauty trends and compile a list of manicures that are easy to achieve and at the same time will dress (your nails) to impress.

The Inverted French

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The classic French manicure was a trend that lasted an entire decade but at the moment has been cast aside for this upbeat version. As displayed, in the new and improved version the white tips are lined to your cuticles. To achieve it, start by carefully applying on a colour of your choice, we suggest using Pixi’s Nail Color Seafoam £8.00 as this blue hue is the perfect tone to sport in the summer season. Next, draw on the inverted tips using Leighton Denny’s Nail Colour White £11.00. We especially like this product for its brush which makes the hard task of neatly drawing on white tips, super easy. Finish with Sally Hansen’s Double Duty Base And Topcoat £4.95, it is formulated to help protect your nails and cuticles whilst simultaneously locking in the colour.

**TriColour Mani **

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This one is a favourite amongst the My Beauty Matches crew since it looks like it was terribly hard to achieve yet there is little effort involved to create it. The art of perfecting the tricolour mani is to choose three colours that complement each other. If you’re into loud, bright tones then you can pick three from Technic’s Nail Varnish Collection £4.99 or if you’re in the mood for something subdued and subtle then Lancôme’s Vernis In Love Nail Varnish £13.50 is the way to go. Start by applying the lightest shade to the entire nail and wait till it has entirely dried up. Next, leave a third at the bottom and apply the second colour and again, wait for it to dry. Finally use the last shade and apply to the top third of your nail. Sure, we admit it requires a bit of patience but the results are worth every bit of that effort.

The White Manicure

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Summer is the season for open-toed sandals, light cotton dresses and a carefree mane. There is nothing that suits this get-up better than a set of simple white nails. We’re not the only ones who’re obsesses with dressing up our nails in all-white, celebrities have been sporting this latest beauty trend all spring long. To achieve the clean, white look start my removing all traces of previously applied nail polish and then soak your hand in warm water for 2-5 minutes (depending on how much time you have.) The key to great looking nails is when they are uniformly in the same shape. Once you’ve clipped, filed and buffed your talons, carefully apply your choice of stark white nail paint.

And just like that, your neat, gorgeously dressed up nails are ready to take on the summer season!

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