On Trend: Watercolour Washes

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Pastel Hair Trend

It’s Spring, and along with it came a host of unusual yet wearable colours that won’t clash with your makeup! Bright hair in all colours of the rainbow was huge in London last year, after the social media site ‘Tumblr’ blew up with selfies of at-home dye jobs that mimicked ‘My Little Pony’. This year, however, the fashion world has taken note, and in a much more refined and wearable way, has chosen watercolour washes. These styles involve hair with a hint of pastel, colour that’s just enough to be noticeable without being obnoxious. The hues work wonders by brightening complexions and fabricating a healthy glow, and look great in a messy bun! Take a look at the hottest trends making their way down the highstreet.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Hair

Take note, this colour eschews “Barbie Pink” with a firm hand! Hardly “Cotton Candy”, this elegant, antiquated flush is quite flattering, especially with a good blush/bronzer combo. Ask your stylist for a rosy tint, or, if you’re blonde, add a squirt of pink dye into your favourite conditioner and shake. Voila, instant pick-me-up hair.

Pastel peach hair


This colour works wonders for livening up the skin tone, and looks great with just a few lashings of mascara. Just a little peachier than strawberry blonde, the hue will wash out to a beautiful warm tone. Not a blonde? Bring the dip-dye up a notch by instead feathering just the edges with bleach and add peachy pigment on top for a dusting of colour. Add a few random braids to polish off the look.

Silver hair


Roots never looked as good as they do with a grey wash of colour! The metallic tones make any light bouncing off the skin more noticeable, faking a wide-awake complexion. Swipe your favourite illuminator over the highpoints of your face to stand out even more!

Voilet hair


Take silver up a notch and add a purpley-blue hue for the lilac effect. This colour looks great with a tan and slowly fades to a cool platinum blonde. For darker hair, twirl a hair crayon into your hair to add purple highlights.

Ice white

Ice White

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ has been so popular, it’s even influenced the way many women are styling their hair. Taking after Queen Elsa, or Daenery from ‘Game of Thrones’, this trend of icy locks gives hair a breathtaking purity and an edge on the classic blonde. Try a hair chalk to add white colour where you want it. The colourless style stands out in an understated way, making it one of the most interesting trends of the season.