Our Top 4 Refreshing Masks For Clogged Pores This Spring

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Spring is in the air, birds are cheeping, the sun is rising and everything looks fresh and beautiful. At times like this you want to feel you freshest, which is why clogged pores can really put a downer on a rejuvenating Spring day. So you can feel your best this season we've scoured the internet for the top pore cleansing masks so you can give your skin a little Spring clean this April.

Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask £30.00

This intensive, fragrance-free mask can be left on four five minutes to foam up and cleanse the pores is a firm favourite amongst those with sensitive skin for getting rid of clogged pores. Free from harsh detergents which can strip away the natural moisture of the skin, this treatment has oxygenating agents which gentle ease away dirt and excess oil without upsetting the natural pH of your skin. Containing soy protein, vitamin C and E this product will leave your skin smooth, supple and totally blackhead-free. After all, nothing says Spring like a spot-free complexion.

Clayspray Mask and Ginseng & Green Tea Water Spray £18.00

This Clayspray and Ginseng & Green Tea water spray combination is the perfect solution for clogged pores and unhappy skin. Fortified with a blend of hydrating hydrogel, spring water and carefully selected plant extracts, the mild formulas in these products work to gently exfoliate and remove impurities from the skin without upsetting the natural pH. This product has also been found to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the moisture in the skin by up to 12%. I love that this product range was inspired by an archaeologist who noticed the significance of clay in cosmetic treatments throughout history, proving the worth of clay as a top beauty ingredient.

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Thalgo Deep Cleansing Mask £26.40

Another advocator of the magic of clay is this Deep Cleansing Mask from Thalgo which absorbs excess sebum and clears clogged pores in an instant. The formula is gentle but effective so it doesn't leave you with that overzealous tingling or stinging sensation that harsher products can cause. A great product for blitzing blemishes and keeping pores fresh and free. Plus with it's citrus and fresh fragrance this is definitely a mask to get you up and at 'em first thing in the morning.

Bobbi Brown Instant Detox Mask £33.00

This instant, detoxifying mask is the answer to clogged pores' SOS calls. Enriched with a unique blend of mineral-rich Amazonian white clay and Hawaiian Sea Water this formula gentle cleanses the skin, removing pollutants and dirt from clogged pores in a way that won't dry out your skin. The sea salt and sea water extracts effectively scrub away dirt and grime leaving you with a fresh complexion that's nourished, smooth and totally transformed. Simply apply to your skin and leave to work its magic for 2-5 minutes and a Spring-ready complexion is yours.

The joy of masks is that the ingredients do all the hard work for your. Crystal clear pores are as easy as apply, relax, wash off - repeat these steps with cucumbers over your eyes and a mojito in hand and you're practically in a spa. Never has cleaning been so much fun, so give your skin a treat this Spring and indulge in some spa quality skin care.

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