Perfume Expert Reveals Truth About Sex & Seduction

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The psychology of perfume is a fascinating one; the fragrant world today connects us with the natural world. Perfume is an art with its relation to memory, emotion, and sex. What I find intriguing about perfumery is the cognitive pleasures. Sex sells, the perfume industry is a clear example of this, embedded with connotations of sex and seduction. I was on a mission to see whether there are any truths in these lingering claims. Can perfume make a man’s pulse race?

Marie Antoinette employed her own perfumer who created bespoke perfumes to match her mood. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde portrays the instinctive connection between scent and our unconscious thoughts and emotions. Cleopatra’s aim was to seduce by intoxicating the senses. Throughout history perfume has had the power of persuasion, with a certain kind of beauty and charm.

I decided to speak to Penny Ellis, bespoke perfumer at Floris London with an extensive background in niche perfumery. We first discussed Escentric Mollecules, those who are not familiar with the brand it has a revolutionary concept. The distinctive molecules adapts to the wearer, with the unique quality of a bespoke fragrance. It is designed to seduce with its chemically engineered pheromones. Every smell has a unique quality. Escentric Mollecules is created solely from the aroma-chemical Iso E Super. Does that mean anything to you? Probably not. Iso E Super is a very common perfume ingredient, providing sandalwood, cedarwood-like aromas.

Top beauty tip: Spritz your favourite perfume in the air and walk through it.

Penny said, “Many woody bases are playing on the kind of smell that would have come from animal’s years ago as they are more haunting so you could say slightly more sexy". (You just have to consider the animal sexual odours of musk). “Today they are chemically engineered. It’s the woody, amber, and musk notes, which come from animals. You have to get close to the wearer to smell”. These bases of the fragrance are the heavier molecules.

Top beauty tip: When spraying perfume allow some to fall in your hair. For a date he should only smell a slight whiff, this will subconsciously make him lean in for a stronger "taste".

Musk is a unisex smell and would have had originally come from the glands of a musk deer, today it is all chemically engineered. “Musk is described as a fixative because of the weight of the volume, it hangs around, and it fixes fragrances”. So if you are looking to seduce your best bet would be a fragrance with woody base notes rather than vanilla, jasmine, and Lavender which have long been dubbed as sexually arousing scents. “The great thing about Eccentric molecules is its clarity”, so pick a fragrance with not too many materials. Below is an edit of the top 3 seductive scents based on science rather than a glossy celebrity campaign.

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This sensual signature is characterised by capturing traces of the exotic skin, using sensuous Sandalwood and Musk as base notes.

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This fragrance is 89% derived from 89% natural ingredients. The sensuality of sandalwood and clarity of bergamot as base notes, jasmine and Damask rose adhere to traditional feminine scents.

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This is a fruity fragrance with base notes of musk and heart notes of cedar wood and sandalwood for a sensual tone.

If you want to create your own signature scent, on friday we will be telling you how to with Floris. Floris is the oldest independent family perfumer in the world, and the only appointed perfumer to The Queen.

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