Perricone MD - Is This the BEST No Makeup Makeup EVER?

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Last week I let you in on the skincare secret that is Perricone MD. As our brand of the month, we at My Beauty Matches always try and pick a brand that stands out to us for some reason. As beauty fanatics, one of the perks of our jobs are that we get to trey a HELLVA lot of beauty brands.Which is great, but narrowing down one to be our brand of the month can be tricky (I know, I know, trying all those beauty products is a real hardship...ahem). Luckily Perricone MD popped in to see us and we were so smitten how could be not feature them. As its about time this skincare secret stopped being a secret.

Now I say skincare but this feature is actually about makeup. But makeup with a serious difference. Perricone MD's brand-new makeup range recently launched, and the beauty insiders have literally been going wild for its skin healing products.

Billed at “Makeup Infused with Serious Skincare” In a nutshell, this intriguing range fuses the best ingredients from its skincare with gorgeous hues that compliment any skintone. Yes really, the products is designed to be so sheer that it just provides skin with a veil of colour, whilst nourishing your skin. To up your coverage you just need to layer up the products. Perfect for those who aren’t a fan of being able to feel makeup on their skin. Like me!

Without further ado, here’s what I found out when I put Perricone MD no makeup makeup to the test.

As someone who’s strongest coverage is usually in the form of a tinted moisturiser. I’m not one who enjoys wearing a heavy foundation on my face. Enter Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum £45.00 this foundation serum is literally life changing. In just 4 dots pressed onto the forehead (either side), cheeks and chin then pressed into the skin with your fingertips, I had gone from bare faced cheeks to HOLY MOLEY look at my glowy skin, is this mine??? The breathable, suede like finish veils your skin in a sheer veil of colour, for more coverage simply pop on another layer.

Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer £45.00 Put down your powder and get this liquid one, stat! This is my absolute favourite of the whole collection, and it’s up against some strong competition believe me. Add a few drops to your palms with the dropper, warm up and press into your face for a gorgeous, natural sun kissed glow that has you looking like you’ve stepped off the streets of St Tropez.

Want to add a flush of colour to your tan, dot the liquid blush Perricone MD No Blush Blush £29.00 along your cheekbones and blend it with your fingers to contour. The unique serum adapts to individual skin chemistry and creates a colour that literally suits everyone. I know because I tried it on EVERYONE. (and stopped them all from stealing it).

Worried that all this “No makeup makeup” will leave your blemishes uncovered. Well, that’s where this handy product steps in. Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer £29.00 not only conceals dark circles, blemishes and even the most angry of pimples it also offers SPF 35 sun protection, vitamin C boosts collagen, hyaluronic acid moisturizes, and phospholipids protect your skin from environmental stressors. Another gold star!

Now lashes are my thing. I’ve tried every mascara on the block and know what I like, it's black, lengthening, volumising and creates a small breeze when I flutter my lashes. Perricone MD No Mascara Mascara £25.00 I didn't think I’d get on with the hue which is somewhere between black and brown as when it comes to lashes I like the inkier the better. However, this 2 in 1 mascara/ lash treatment somehow managed to convert me. Could it have been the zero clumping, the added lift and curl or fact that the formula left my lashes softer and less brittle. I’ll let you decide.

As I float around work all week with the glowing face of a nubile young supermodel with my serum like no makeup makeup, my final test is in the form of Perricone MD No Lipstick Lipstick £25.00 it’s like slicking of the creamiest of lip balms combined with an Instagram filter. Suddenly my lips look glossier, plumper, fuller and pinker but still look like I’m not wearing any make up.

If this range is like not wearing make up then, I'm all for the "natural look". Perricone MD no makeup makeup gets an A* from me.

Check out their full collection here.

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