Read This If You’re Feeling Insecure About Your Legs

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The rapid turnaround in this year's weather seems to have seen it go from heavy coats to short shorts in a matter of days. Cue full on bare leg panic. The first time I got my legs out this year I immediately had to put my sunglasses on, and no not because the sun was beating down onto me, but because I was being blinded by the incandescent whiteness of my legs in the heat. Then I chickened out, removed the offending denim shorts and put on my trusty, floaty culottes instead.

I’m sure you’ve all been there too? Leg season comes out and you suddenly remember your knobbly knees, blotchy skin and fuzzy shins that haven't seen a razor since last August. The main thing is DON’T PANIC. As, 1) everyone has their body insecurities and the chances are that the bronzed model mum you saw last week hates her thighs too and 2) there are some very quick and easy ways to put a little positivity back into your step this summer.

Us beauty mad colleagues at my beauty matches have scrubbed, smoothed and bronzed our way to summer proof legs, and here’s how.

1) Get Scrubbing

First things first, chances are your legs are looking a bit dry and scaly after months of being hidden in jeans. Before you even think about any methods of hair removal you need to give them a damn good scrubbing. If you scrub after shaving or waxing, one it’ll sting like 100 tiny bees and two, you simply won’t get such good results. Start at your feel and work into your skin in circular motions to improve circulation, skin tone and get rid of any pesky ingrown hairs. Award Winning L’Occitaine Revitalising Body Scrub £26.00 is bursting with sugar crystals, lemon zest and uplifting essential oils to leave not only your legs feeling uplifted but your mind too. Slot this into your shower routine weekly and you’ll be leg ready all year round.

2) Ingrow NO!

Sitting on a chair all day (especially with tights and hot weather to factor in) can cause ingrown hairs to form. Blitz them before they appear with Skin Doctors Ingrow Go £12.20 the it’s deep exfoliating action Cleans out and purifies the affected pore and leves skin perfectly smooth.

3) Get Hydrated

When I do a beauty shoot, whether it’s hands, feet, face or legs I make sure the skin is hydrated, as hydrated skin is beautiful skin. Ren Neroli and Grapefruit £6.00 will leave skin soft, silky and healthy.

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4) Get a Glow

The quickest way to fake summer legs is with a fake tanner and will instantly make you feel more confident. St Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Lotion £14.99 is a foolpoof way to tan your legs The tinted lotions allows you to see where you have covered and stop any embarrassing streaks or white patches occuring. As an added bonus the non greasy formula means that you can pop it on and head straight out without the worry it will stain your clothes.

5) Get Glossy

For the final touch to loving your legs add a touch of glossy shimmer to your pins and they will look instantly longer and leaner. Moroccan Oil Shimmering Body Oil £37.00 instantly nourishes skin with an infusion of Argan and Sesame oils, whilst the soft, pearlescent minerals add a touch of shimmer and camouflage any blemishes.

Want to love your legs too this summer? Check out our wide range of body scrubs to get your pins in check.

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