How To Apply The Perfect Bridal Makeup With Sarah Brock

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At My Beauty Matches, we know confidence matters and the right beauty products are just one step towards feeling confident on the days that matter most, weddings most definitely included. On your big day there are a few things every bride hopes for to make it perfect. You want the in-laws to get along, you want your Nan to at least try to not offend anyone and you want to look and feel fabulous. Well sadly we can’t help you with the relatives side of things, but for perfect bridal makeup we have the perfect solution, Sarah Brock.

Sarah Brock is to weddings what wine is to a Friday evening, needed, wanted and makes you come over all giddy. The highly sought after Sarah Brock is THE leading bridal makeup artist in the UK. Having worked with countless celebrities and journalists on their special day, including top beauty editors (and we don’t trust our faces with any old makeup artists), she has been producing the most exquisite looks in bridal makeup for many years. Sarah has collaborated with many big names in the wedding game including Jenny Packham, Phillipa Lepley, Stewart Parvin and Suzanne Neville to name only a few. Her looks have blessed 25 covers of the Conde Nast Brides Magazine and Sarah has performed her magic in numerous fashion and makeover shoots. If that isn’t enough to convince you of Sarah’s super-human skill in bridal makeup, she has worked with the top brands in the cosmetic industry, including Chanel, as a British bridal makeup expert and even writes her own column for the Conde Nast Brides Magazine.

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With such a wealth of experience in creating makeup looks, we asked Sarah to let us in on the best tips and secrets for re-creating the perfect bridal makeup yourself.

Tip 1: Before you even start thinking about the makeup look for your big day, I always advise my brides-to-be to start thinking about their skin as soon as possible and make sure that they have a good regime. If your skin looks amazing on your wedding day, it will help you when it comes to creating the perfect complexion! My biggest tip is to make sure that you are cleansing and exfoliating well, you can buy the most expensive skin creams on the market, but if you don't cleanse and exfoliate, you are applying your products on dead skin cells. Cleansing and exfoliating well will remove any dead skin cells which will mean that the products you apply after will work far more effectively. My personal favourite cleanser is Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm £35.15 and my favourite exfoliator is NARS Double Refining Exfoliator £26, but make sure to choose the products best suited to your skin type.

You can take the My Beauty Matches fun and free beauty quiz to find the perfect cleanser and exfoliator match for you here.

Tip 2: When it comes to deciding on your wedding makeup look, first of all make sure the makeup look reflects the style of your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is pretty and romantic, opt for a pretty makeup look, rather than something strong and sexy. One of the best places to look for inspiration is on the red carpet, very often these makeup looks are dewy, fresh and photograph well. Don't be too trend orientated, as this can look dated in years to come when you look back at your wedding photos!

Tip 3: Before you apply your makeup base, it's essential to apply a moisturiser which isn't too thick or greasy, or it will make your makeup slide off the skin. A good moisturiser which has been in my kit for years is Dermalogica Active Moist £24.95. Follow with a primer which again isn't too greasy, as this will help your makeup stay put for longer and will blur any imperfections. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer £25.50 is one of the best on the market in my opinion.

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Tip 4: When it comes to creating the perfect skin, I always advise brides to invest in a good foundation, concealer and powder. You do get what you pay for and if your skin looks great, everything else you apply on top will look great. For foundation, opt for a base which suits your skin type. Oily/combination skins will suit more of a matte finish. More dry skin types will suit a base which is moisturising without being greasy. Be sure to apply a small amount first and blend well, you can always add more if needed. Follow with a concealer under the eyes, a popular choice is Clarins Instant Concealer £18.75, then use a different concealer which has a drier texture for any blemishes such as Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer £18.95. Don't overdo powder, just apply where it’s needed, a product I enjoy is Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Meticulous Pressed Powder £22 which gives a beautiful finish.

Tip 5: When it comes to contouring, highlighting and blushers, I always recommend cream or liquid formulations, unless your skin is very oily in which case powders would be more suitable. Creams and liquids give the skin a more radiant 'bridal glow' and I always apply them with my fingers. Tom Ford Sculpting and Highlighting Creams are the ultimate in luxury and the highlighter doesn't have glitter or sparkle which is important, as this can bounce off flash photography. I've always carried the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blushers from £15.50, but make sure to pick a blusher which compliments your complexion.

Tip 6: Always frame your brows, I prefer to use shadow brow products as they give a more natural, long lasting finish. The Elizabeth Arden Colour Intrigue Brow Shaper £18.50 is beautiful. When it comes to eye shadows, I always advise brides to keep the eyeshadows simple, fresh and light, one lighter colour on the brow bone and one slightly deeper on the lid is all you need and BECCA single eyeshadows £8.76 are amazing. Then add the 'va va voom' with the eyeliner, apply just on the top for a more natural look or you can apply it under the eye for a more striking look. I prefer gel formulations applied with a fine brush, NARS Eye Paints £16.65 are fantastic.

Tip 7: Waterproof Mascara is a must, I always use a black mascara and always curl the lashes first. Estee Lauder are my go-to for mascaras and I recommend always applying more mascara to the top lashes to make eyes look more lifted.

Tip 8: When it comes to lips, for a gorgeous bridal pout, apply a lipliner all over the lip area, followed by a few coats of lipstick (blotting in between) and then finish with a fine coat of gloss. Clarins new Joli-Rouge Lipsticks £19.50 have the most amazing moisturising (and long-lasting formulation) and they also do great lipliners and gloss which you can match to your lipstick.

Tip 9: Finally, at the end of your makeup, if you feel you need a hint of bronzer to give you more colour, dust a powder suited to your skin tone where the sun would naturally tan your face. The Studio 10 Radiance Glow Bronzing Veil is a favourite of mine as it has no sparkle and smoothes the skin.

So now that you’ve got your makeup sorted, it’s time to have a pep talk with Nan.