Banish Eyebags With This Amazing Facial Massage Technique

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Anastasia Achilleos, the renowned facialist to the stars, mum of two, and Olay brand Ambassador credits her incredibly taught skin to the facial massage technique she has developed over her 20 year career, and used upon many of her celebrity clients to keeping their facial skin tight and de-puff unsightly under eye bags. One of the main causes of puffiness is fluid retention. Luckily, this is something that we can work with. Here at My Beauty Matches we have discovered exactly how she does it. So whilst reducing your salt intake and drinking more water will help in the long term, here is a quick fix for de-puffing those peepers. Follow this 5 step and just 5 minute routine to instantly de-puff eyes, for a more youthful look:

All you need are your fingers and an eye cream, such as the lightweight Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Eye Gel £42.00 which feels instantly refreshing. Or for those who prefer a little more hydration, Creme De La Mer The Eye Treatment £135.00 makes fast work of those under eye bags.

Step 1) Begin with a pea sized amount of eyecream and slowly pat into the the inner corner of the lower lash area with your ring finger, and move in a complete full circle around the eye’s orbital bone, gently massaging cream into skin. Repeat until fully absorbed.

Step 2) Repeat massage technique in an anticlockwise direction.

Step 3) Take index and middle fingers of both hands and firmly press on the space between your eyebrows for a few seconds

Step 4) Use pinching motions and pinch eyebrows between same two fingers as previous step and thumb, moving from the centre to the outside of the face. This releases tension and allows blood to flow.

Step 5) To final step of the massage is to take both hands to your temples and massage gently in circular motions for 30 seconds, relieving tension and focusing the mind.

If it takes just 5 minutes to banish the signs of too little sleep, then its well worth icorporating this technique into your nighttime skincare routine, and waking up with the fresh face of a celebrity with a private facialist at their beck and call.

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