Shannon Edwards - Your Go-to Guide Through The Jungle Of Online Fashion

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Online shopping for fashion essentials can seem like a daunting task when you’re short on time. At My Beauty Matches our focus is on providing a different breed of online shopping; we believe that all aspects of your shopping should reflect you as an individual. After all, we’ve all made the mistake of trying to replicate our fashion icons only to wind up looking like we got dressed in the dark. Bespoke shopping that is fuss-free is what we love, and over at that’s exactly what Shannon Edwards is providing for the fashion world. By using discovery technology, Styloko can create fashion looks based on what you are searching for and with a wealth of blogs on a variety of fashion topics, it’s a great place to draw inspiration from when stocking your winter wardrobe.

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Shannon, CEO of shopping discovery engine,, is an expert in online retail and can regularly be found dishing out her words of wisdom on TV and radio. (You know you can place your trust in someone when they’re considered an authority on online retail trends by news sites such as CNN, the BBC and Fox and Sky news!) As a blogger for the Huffington Post, number 16 on the Independent’s Online Fashion 100 List and a mother of two, like so many of us Shannon is time-poor but doesn’t let it get in the way of her expressing herself through fashion. When we discovered this entrepreneur turned super-woman, we just had to pin her down for a 5 minute chat to uncover her top tips for online shopping.

Q: So you REALLY want a new outfit but don't have time to hit the shops. What do you do?

A: Without a doubt, shop online! If you are pressed for time, it doesn't make sense to do anything other than fire up your computer and find what you are looking for online. Your favourite brands often offer free and fast shipping; aggregators like Styloko use discovery technology to surface looks based on what you are looking for; and your favourite blogs can help you figure out how to pull it together.

Q: How would you personalise the classic t shirt and jeans look?

A: The great thing about a basic and classic look is that it’s a blank canvas for highlighting your personal style. To personalise this look you need to figure out how you feel most comfortable. You might be the type who easily rocks a scarf or who feels best with a large statement necklace.

Q: What are your top three tips when it comes to accessorising an outfit?

A: You need to feel comfortable with an accessory; you might see a great piece of statement jewellery and then find it's completely uncomfortable or just doesn't feel right. Include a piece with a story or that you particularly love; and have a little fun. There are so many great retailers now offering fun, lower cost pieces to help change up an outfit.

Q: What are your go-to tips for pulling together an outfit when you're tight for time?

A: I love the concept of 'uniform' dressing. I don't think this has to mean wearing the same exact thing everyday, but deciding on what styles and staples look best on you and sticking with it. This makes it so much easier to get dressed when pressed for time.

Q: What are your top tips for dressing for your body shape?

A: Dressing for your body shape will make you feel confident and a confident women who feels good, looks good. So worry less about what others say 'works' best for your body type and instead figure out what helps you keep your chin high! Once you find the shape that you feel best in, take advantage of our technology to find more of what you love. You can click "view similar" on any dress and it will show you items that are similar in shape. Shopping made easy!

As if we needed an excuse for some retail therapy, it seems only right to put these tips to the test. Brace yourself bank balance, we’re going on spree...