Space Age Skincare. Should You Be Putting Plasma On Your Face?

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Dr Perricone bought us the anti inflammatory diet. He bought us the no makeup makeup (read here for my embarrassingly gushing review) and now we tak a look at their skincare range. Their skincare targets specific concerns for everyone, from fines lines, creases, pigmentation and hydration, which makes it a lot easier to decide upon the range to suit you, rather than trawling through hundreds of products. This already appeals to me, as someone who doesn't have the time or bank balance to trial every product. Some dermatologists favour botox in order to keep skin youthful, not DR Perricone he’s more of a vitamin man, and his ethos comes alive in his skincare. His products are packed with active ingredients that target the signs of aging.

As our brand of the month we like to delve into their bestsellers and find out, quite simply, what makes them the best; is it all hype, and would we recommend them to you. Basically, we save you the time, money and potential blemish filled skin reactions to inform you about the products we care (or not) about. There are mixed reviews online for Perricone MD with some people raving about the products and others absolutely slating them. However, you wouldn't all fit into the same pair of jeans so like clothing there’s no one size fits all for skincare either. I’m excited to find out if Perricone MD works for me.

To get stuck into the Perricone MD skincare I decided to go for a full step-by-step routine to get the most benefits from the products. The cold plasma range is designed to give your skin all the nutrients it needs to address the 10 visible signs of aging, is synthetic fragrance and paraben free (big tick there from me) and it promises extraordinary results, and I expect no less.

So let’s get technical. What the hell is this PLASMA, and why do I want it on my face?

I start my routine with the Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment £35.00 as a huge fan of micellar waters the non rinse formula already appeals to me. To match its alien appearance the results are out of this world (sorry, couldn’t resist). The “blue plasma” technology gently trap impurities, and the copper extract (hence the blue colour) soothes and repairs the skin. A few sweeps of this cleanser on a cotton pad and my face is deeply cleansed, with no scrubbing required! Apply to a cotton pad and sweep over the skin – there’s no need to rinse. No traces of makeup are lest, even stubborn mascara and my skin feels smooth, glowy and soft. Often cleansers leave my skin tight and dry but this makes it supple and literally look lit from within.

As a nearly 30 something I am the first to admit I’m a bit lax on the anti-aging routine, and almost never apply an eye cream. My eyes are quite sensitive and tend to water profusely should I go near them with anything highly perfumed, so I leave my laughter lines to their own devices. It was with trepidation that I approached my next step in the Perricone MD skincare routine.

I went with the Cold Plasma Eye £74.00 as the texture of the serum based cream appealed to me as I'm not a fan of anything heavy around the eye due to the aforementioned watering. I applied 1 dot directly to my orbital area twice and day and my skin drank this up in a flash. It feels cooling and soothing as you apply it, and I’m only two weeks in but I swear my eye bags are less visible, I look perkier and more awake AND I got asked for my ID. So not only does it fight the signs of ageing, it reverse the signs of aging too apparently. I practically had to dust the cobwebs off my ID as I gleefully handed it over.

As my skin can be a little on the dry side I follow up cleansing with a sweep of Dr. Perricone's most comprehensive research to date. The Cold Plasma Cream £126.00 this tiny pot of cream took 5 years in the making and whilst the price might make you take a sharp inhale initially, it’s worth it. I struggle with dry and patches uneven skin tone, as the result of early mornings cycle commutes to work in the cold and this transformed my skin. After 2 weeks of applying this cream I could already see the difference, my skin felt firmer, softer, smoother, the dry patches had disappeared.

The one “downside” to the products, if you can call it that is the fragrance. I’d heard reports that it smelt like fish, but having stuck my face in it for weeks now I can honestly say it doesn’t smell of much, it’s quite distinctive in an earthy sort of way but not offensive. It’s just not heavily perfumed with synthetic fragrance like some creams are, and once rubbed in the fragrance completely disappears altogether.

So to sum up, whilst not the cheapest option out there. A little well and truly goes a long way and it’s far cheaper than botox. I’m a BIG fan of this range, and I’m a big fan of the no makeup makeup. All I need to do now is try the Perricone MD anti inflammatory diet and DR Perricone would well and truly have scored a hat trick.

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