Spring Fling : 7 Hottest Beauty Trends to Try This Season

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Now that we’re almost done with the dreary winter, it’s time to start prepping for our favourite season of the year. While the winter beauty regime was heavy on the bold lips, contouring and sleek hairstyles, spring brings a certain calmness to the scene. Yes, it’s time to set away the shimmery party tools. As the black coats find their way back in the depths of our closets, the beauty trends mend their ways at the same time. Think dewy looks, lighter eyes and a carefree mane. As per usual, pastel colours come into play for the next few months.

If you were thinking of stepping up your beauty game, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration. Here’s a lowdown on everything we’re looking forward to this season:

Day-Glo Lips

In the past few months, we admit we may have overused the dark lip. How could we not? It matched easily with our overly black-toned winter wardrobe. With the change in season, predictably, we now find ourselves gravitating towards lipstick tones of classic pastels, soft corals, pinks and nudes. Pro Tip : Work the peachy pink toned lip with minimal makeup for the right effect.

Flip That Parting

To switch things up, we recommend a deep side parting. Here’s how you can achieve the easy-going look : start with the shampoo and conditioning routine. Cover your wet hair with a volumizer - we recommend Ojon’s Volume Advance Volumizing Mousse £23. Next, use a blow dryer to dry while you ruffle your hair with your fingers. Using hair pins, pull the wavy, messy locks into an extreme side parting. To add texture, finish off with a dry shampoo (the ever-dependable Batiste Dry Shampoo £2 will suffice). This easy method combines to give you soft waves complemented by a glossy finish.

Wing it

For a night out in town, perfecting that exaggerated winged eyeliner is the only tool you need. There are several ways to ensure you don't spend hours trying to get one eye to look identical to the other. Our go-to trick is to use the back of a spoon as the guiding tool. To be extra careful, use a light pencil to outline and fill it up with a dark black liquid liner. Lastly, use a Q-tip dipped in strong makeup remover to sharpen out the edges.

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Glossy Cheeks

Give the heavy contouring a miss and instead find yourself a light-boosting highlighter. The right product would add a shimmer along your lower eyelid which helps play up your eye colour. Celebrity makeup artists seem to love Benefit’s High Beam Complexion Highlighter£19.50 as much as we do. Alternatively you could also dab a thin layer of Vaseline under the eye to achieve the perfect dewy look. It will add just the subtle sheen you need. Rewinding to the rules of a highlighter - pat onto high cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and cupid’s bow.

Feathery Eyelashes

A recurrent trend spotted on the red carpet were the au natural eyes. Mind you, the ‘barely there’ look requires effort. This can be achieved by skipping the eyeliner entirely and going heavy on the eyelashes by using a double layer of mascara. For the brave, fake eyelashes add a certain drama. Pair the heavy eyelashes with nude lips and peachy cheeks.

Nail Touch

When it comes to nail trends for spring 2016, surprisingly experts are leaning towards the darker shades. The recommended list of colours includes oxblood, matte black and deep grey. And there is no dearth of metallic art either. The top trend spotted on the Spring/Summer runways was the inverted manicure; a fun take on the traditional French tips. In terms of nail art, this season seems to be a definitive step away from the dependable nudes and reds.

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Subtle Bronzing

With makeup it’s possible to bring back the summer sunshine that winter managed to drain from our skin. Simply blend in a mix of a peach blusher with a light bronzer. While you’re currently sporting the winter pale, if armoured with the right products, your skin can easily achieve the look of having recently returned from a beach vacay. Stila’s Baked Cheek Duo £15 promises to give a delicate flush to your complexion.

That’s all for now. Lastly, remember to use only the tips that work for you. Subtly is key so don't try them all at once; pick and choose wisely. If you’re still wondering about the kind of products you should pick up, try taking our quick and free online questionnaire to discover your beauty matches.