Spring Serums You Need To Try

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Serums are an all year round essential for my dry, sensitive eczema prone skin; however when the seasons change I always switch up my skincare to suit the season, temperature and weather and spring is no different.

The transition from winter to spring brings about the biggest change in my skincare from heavy duty, moisture rich creams and oils to lighter moisturisers and serums. Through my blog and subscription boxes I’ve been able to try so many serums from a range of brands but here are some of my favourites, especially for the spring months:

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Serum

I’ve gone through at least a couple of deluxe samples of this serum and I have been so close to buying the full size but as a blogger I always have a stash of skincare to use up first. This serum is instantly smoothing, moisturising and very quick to absorb which is one of the main properties I look for in a serum for this time of the year, as I need fast absorbing but effective products in spring, while during the colder winter months I want heavier, thicker and richer skincare.

Antipodes Hosanna Serum and Antipodes Worship Serum

Antipodes is my all time favourite skincare brand as the products are so effective but incredibly gentle and the majority of the ingredients are natural! I’ve tried so many Antipodes products but their moisturisers and serums are perfection, especially the Hosanna and Worship serums. The Hosanna serum is amazing for very dry skin types such as mine as it’s hydrating, smoothing and helps eliminate dryness almost immediately.

The Worship serum is equally as gentle and smoothing but it isn’t as rich as the Hosanna serum so perfect if you have normal to dry skin or combination skin. I cannot recommend Antipodes skincare enough!

Balance Me Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum

A couple of years ago hyaluronic acid was the only skincare ingredient worth talking about and it’s still a skincare ingredient that I always look out for as hyaluronic acid is amazing for holding onto moisture and therefore keeping the skin moisturised. I’ve been using this serum on and off for a while but it’s only now that I have been using it consistently and I can’t get enough. It’s perfect for this time of the year as it has a gel like consistency that feels so refreshing and lightweight on the skin but it’s also extremely effective and gentle on my eczema prone skin.