Stressed-Out Skin? Cool It With Your New Winter Must-Have

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As you probably gather from recent posts, Winter and my skin are not BFFs. My usually oily complexion becomes sallow, dry and, well, blah in the colder months. “Try this rejuvenating gel wash, it’s amazing!” they say – made me break out. “Creamy cleansers are the only way to hydrate in Winter” I heard – an actual sandpaper-like exfoliant developed thanks to my flaky skin. Since I'm always on the quest to avoid annoying skin woes, I turned to a product I had very little experimented with, and had the best beauty 'A-HA' moment.

Listen up ladies, because it’s true what they say. Not only are they good for removing makeup and impurities, but if you want to restore brightness, firmness and plumpness this Winter, you need to use a facial oil – and I've found my One: Skyn Iceland Arctic Facial Oil from £30.00.

I discovered the top skin care brand’s Nordic Skin Peel pads not long ago (which make me feel like I’ve been reborn in one swipe), but my latest beauty obsession is this holy grail of face oils. Here’s why:

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You know that uncomfortable feeling you get when you drop your jaw and feel the tightness around your cheeks? How about the blisters that form around the corners of your mouth that feel like they're frozen stiff? This luxurious, yet lightweight, Arctic Facial Oil sorts out all your skin concerns thanks to a 99.9% Camelina Oil content, which helps enhance skin’s elasticity, tone and texture. It repairs the skin's lipid barrier and locks in moisture, and the natural antioxidant in the product is also anti-inflammatory, so calms dehydrated, sensitive skin. Bonus? Over time, it acts as an anti-ageing product and smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles. The Camelina Oil is extracted from the resilient Camelina Sativa plant, which thrives in sub-zero temperatures. It has a unique composition of essential fatty acids which enables it to survive in super harsh weather – whoah. After only a couple of weeks, my skin is supple, soft and hydrated – my complexion looks and feels healthy. Use it all over your face at night before bed, and presto – ice really does give you a facial!

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