Super Easy Instagram Nail Trends To Copy This Summer

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Just like there are YouTube artists who help and inspire us everyday to perfect and enhance our makeup looks, there are nail artists who brighten up our Instagram timelines with gorgeous nail trends. Because let’s face it - Instagram has officially replaced the traditional fashion magazine you used to pick up every month. These days it’s all about getting inspired by our favourite digital apps, which only take a small space up on our smartphones. Here are some of the best Instagram beauty trends to emulate this summer.

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When it comes to nail trends for the year 2016, surprisingly experts are leaning towards the darker shades. The recommended list includes oxblood, matte black and deep grey. And there is no dearth of metallic art either. Rococo’s Luxe Re-issue £12.00 is a stunning hue as it boasts a luxurious formula, enriched with an iridescent and pearlescent gleam. This polish will surely keep your nails looking gorgeous and glamorous all day and all night long with its glossy finish. Another trendy colour from the same brand is Creme Brown Button £7.20 as this one also gives your nails a creamy, glossy good coverage, adding some much-welcomed sophistication to your everyday look.

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If you’re looking to find creative ways to upping up your nail game then one of the best Instagram beauty trends spotted is the inverted manicure. We love this look as it takes the traditional French tips and gives it a whimsical twist. The best part about this look is that it is super easy to achieve. To create, start by applying on a colour of your choice neatly to your entire set of nails, we suggest using Lancome’s Vernis In Love Nail Polish £15.50. This particular shade dries fast and gives even coverage, adding extra shine to your talons. Next, carefully draw on the inverted tips using Leighton Denny’s Nail Colour Natural White £11.00. We especially like this product for its brush which makes the hard task of neatly drawing on white tips, super easy. Finish with Sally Hansen’s Double Duty Base And Topcoat £4.95 as it is formulated to help protect nails and cuticles whilst simultaneously locking in colour. As you can tell, this season seems to be a definitive step away from the dependable nudes and reds.

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There is nothing quite like a neatly applied crisp white shade to sport in the summer. When we finally arrive to gorgeous summer days and start enjoying the previously-elusive sun, our mood instantly brightens up. With our summery white cotton dresses, light skirts and pop shades of brightly coloured tops, one of the best Instagram beauty trends is sporting gorgeous white nails to match.

While we’re on the subject of making our nails look pretty, other than gorgeous nail styling trends you should also ensure that your nails are strong and sturdy. Sally Hansen has become a household name for selling top-notch nail treatment products. Its dependable Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab Oil £6.95 has been developed specifically to improve nail strength. The oil contains jasmine and rose extracts which help replenish cuticles to give them a healthy and nourished look. Nail Rehab Strengthener £9.95 is the second product by Sally Hansen that is worth investing in. The polish helps nails regain their strength by providing them a strong protection. Along with providing a heavy armour, it also gives a subtle yet pretty tint to your nails.

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