TERRIFYING Nail Facts You Need To Know Before Your Next Mani

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Sometimes I wish I never had the urge to Google things that scare me… but I do. I have the urge. Maybe it stemmed from trying to decode dreams in my earlier years, but nowadays I find myself Googling almost everything… mainly gross things. Why do women grow out their nails so long they end up curling on themselves?! Bleurgh. Why do some nail salons only clean out their foot spas EVERY. OTHER. DAY? Horror! In my nail-centric bender, I feel I need to share the following nail-biting (sorry) facts I discovered before you make your next mani appointment:

  1. We Londoners are quite the commuters, but do you know what jumps on the tube as easily as we do? GERMS! FAECES! DISGUSTING OLD STINKY MAN SPIT! Nail biters, I’m talking to you – picking your nails and causing cuts will not only make your manicurist mumble something under her breath, it can cause an infection that can spread to your entire body. To keep your tips away from your lips after the pro trims them down, use a cuticle oil with a handy brush applicator you easily carry around like the Nails Inc. Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen from £14.00.

  2. Your digits have more nerve endings than your arms and legs – hundreds, millions! That’s why a bleeding hangnail can feel as bad as being waxed in the nether regions (let’s be honest)… To avoid those little suckers from springing up and being plucked harshly by your technician, a top nail care tip is to moisturise often with a product like Nature’s Ingredients Coconut Hand Cream from £2.00. With a gorgeous scent, you’ll happilly slather this on multiple times a day!

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  1. That electric roller they use to buff your nails? Seems like a heavy-duty way to get rid of impurities and smooth things over, but this device only causes more damage. Using the roller too often can cause blood cells underneath your nails to burst! Also, sanding them down can slowly chip away at the keratin – the natural element that keeps nails strong and healthy. To stay away from gruelling regrowth pain and keep things firm, use an online beauty buy like the Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener from £6.95. Top nail care tip: Insist on using a buffing block instead!

  2. Your pedicurist probably uses one of those vegetable peeler looking shavers to trim off excess skin, but this is actually ILLEGAL in some counties! Shaving calluses is considered a medical procedure if your technician uses a blade. A top nail care tip is to use a foot scrub regularly to smooth out bumps and scrapes. The AVEDA Foot Relief from £7.00 is a good alternative to using the next best thing – a smoothing stone. The essential oils and exfoliating beads invigorate tired and stressed out skin.

Alright Google, now on to weird animal behaviour…

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