The 10 Minute Home Pedicure For Perfect Feet In A Flash

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Feet. They’re not the most glamorous of things, shoved in tights and socks all day it can get a little unpleasant in between your tootsies. However it’s important to treat your feet to some TLC every once in a while to avoid some embarrassing problems such as fungal infections and corns (they’re every bit as unpleasant as they sound). That said, it can be difficult to work into your busy schedule which is why we’ve created the perfect restorative at-home pedicure which you can do in under 10 minutes! (You could always take a bucket into work and slip it into your lunch-break?) So prepare to see a fresher side to your feet, with our 10 minute foot makeover. What you’ll need:

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For the first step of this at-home pedicure you need to remove any existing nail polish from your toes, whether they’re beautifully painted from last week’s touch-up or still sporting the remaining shreds from 6 months ago, get it gone. We’ve chosen this Dr Rescue Nail Polish from Maybelline £2.99 as its gentle formula doesn’t contain acetone so will remove your nail polish without irritating and drying out your tootsies.

Next it’s time to tame those talons, if your toenails are very long then remove the bulk of the excess using a pair of nail clippers. If your toenails are a reasonable length then opt for a nail file instead as this offers you more control over the shape and length of your nails. File your nails down to the desired length and then soften the edges, without filing back too far so as to avoid any unpleasant ingrown toenails. Always make sure to file nails before soaking hands and feet as otherwise the nails will become soft and difficult to file.

If it’s been a while since your last at-home pedicure (I think I’m clocking about 8 months since my last feet session…) then it’s likely you’ll have a build up of dry dead skin around your feet. Sadly this is an inevitability as feet are often rubbed up the wrong way and left to overheat in our shoes, but this damage can be undone. One great product for whisking away the roughage is this On The Hoof Foot Scrub from Cowshed £22 which gently buffs away dead skin. Alternatively, if you think you’re in need of something a little more industrial you can try using a tool like this Pedro Too Callus Stone from Tweezerman from £10.60. Pay special attention to your heels and the ball of skin behind your big and little toes as these are prone to callus buildup.

After this scrubbing your feet will need some luscious moisturiser and we love this Cooling Peppermint Foot Cream from The Body Shop £3 which you can actually feel cooling your feet from the moment you apply the cream. It’s perfect for tired feet which have been standing for far too long as it soothes and noticeably reduces aches and pains. Make sure you rub the cream all over the foot, including in between the toes, as these areas can often be neglected and are prone to splitting skin. At this point just take a minute (or several if you’ve no plans for the day) to relax and enjoy the sensation of the cooling foot cream.

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Finally to finish off your at-home pedicure, grab your toe separator (or rolled up toilet tissue if you don’t have one) and slot between your toes to space them apart. Ensuring that the toenails are adequately dry, apply two quick coats of your fast drying nail polish such as this 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish from Rita Ora & Rimmel £2.99. Using a sheer pink polish will give an instant French Pedicure that won’t show chips easily, whilst bolder colours such as deep red can look fabulous in some open toed shoes.

So there you have it, silky soft feet in 10 minutes (or less). We think this super-fast but relaxing pedicure is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day of being on your feet.

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