The 4 Hair Removal Methods That Will Have You Silky Smooth For Summer

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As the sun comes out, the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we find a new yet oddly familiar sensation washing over us; the desire to actually expose parts of our body again. After months of hiding every square inch of skin from the biting winds and harsh rain, the concept of whipping our legs out is not a scenario we're prepared for, which is why now is the time to act. At My Beauty Matches we've studied the reviews, trialled the products and hunted down the top tips for healthy skin in the hair removal business to bring you the 4 best methods for getting silky smooth this summer. You'll be singing "I'm your Venus" in no time...

Before you pick up a razor or even look at some waxing strips, an important tip for healthy skin is to prep the skin. Shaving, waxing, removal creams; whichever hair removal tool you use they can all be quite harsh on our skin which is why it's important to protect it to avoid unnecessary irritation. You can also make it easier to remove the hairs by softening them by having a bath or shower before you get to work, this also reduces the risk of snagging any of the hairs instead of removing them which can cause unsightly red blobs. Another top tip for healthy skin if you're using a razor is to make sure you update the blades regularly as this can be another cause of red, bumpy and angry skin (turkey legs have never been a good look...). Also when shaving and waxing make sure you pull the skin taught as this will reduce the risk of pulling out the hairs and will mean you get a closer, smoother shave.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are a great option for those with skin that gets easily upset by harsh shaving and waxing, it's also one of the cheaper options when compared to your average waxing appointment. One of the best brands for hair removal creams is Nair who specialise in hair removal products which are suitable for all skin and hair types. If you suffer from sensitive skin then the Ultra Sensitive Hair Cream £2.93 might be the perfect solution for you, or if you're trying to remove particularly coarse and dark hairs then the Tough Hair Removal Cream £2.93 could be the answer.

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Shaving is undoubtedly the easiest, fastest and most fuss-free way to remove hairs, if your skin can tolerate it. Two tips for healthy skin when shaving are you need a quality moisturiser and a sharp blade, so remember to change your razor blade regularly. These Soleil Bella Disposable Razors from Bic £4.99 are a great option for anyone who's often on the move and they contain a strip of coconut milk moisturiser to protect skin from dryness and irritation. If you're a common sufferer of red, angry skin after shaving, an aftercare treatment like the Clinical Redness Relief from Paula's Choice £19.50 could make all the difference. This gentle formula calms and soothes skin, reducing you chances of getting nasty red rashes after shaving.


Whilst waxing is undeniably one of the most painful methods of hair removal, it's also one of the most effective. Waxing works by removing the root of the hair, meaning it grows back slower and usually thinner. Professional appointments can set you back a fair bit but if you've got the guts there are many effective home treatments available. One of my personal favourites is the Nair Roll On Argan Oil Wax £4.98 which is quick and effective way in applying the wax evenly and comes with washable, reusable wax strips. But wax isn't just for the body and can be an effective method of hair removal for any pesky hairs popping up on your face, a product like this Veet Facial Wax 2-in-1 £10.49 which has a thin tip perfect for removing hairs with precision is perfect for banning any unwanted moustaches.

Laser Removal

The obvious benefit of laser hair removal is that with the correct number of treatments, at the correct times for your hair growth cycle, the results can last a lifetime. Whilst the price (financially) is relatively high, a world where hair removal isn't necessary is a dreamy one indeed. The good news is laser removal is no longer a service you can only get from professionals and there are a range of home laser removal products available. One reliable product on the market is this Rio Scanning Laser X60 Hair Remover £191.47 which works by destroying the root of the hair using lasers without affecting the surrounding tissue. All the benefits of waxing without the pain or need for lifelong return visits? Sounds pretty good to me.

Sadly hair growth is a fact of life and is this is something that you do not want, the search for a solution can be a lifelong venture. However with these 4 effective removal methods you can find the perfect option for you, whether it's banishing the hairs for good or simply doing small and frequent top ups that won't upset your skin.

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