Get Perfect Brows With This Surprising Beauty Hack

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Get Perfect Brows With This Surprising Beauty Hack

Natural skin care products give us the opportunity to discover new and exciting ways that nature can help us. Through skincare, haircare and makeup, the absence of chemicals and embrace of naturally occurring ingredients gives our skin a breath of fresh air. Incorporating these types of products into our everyday makeup routines has become more and more common, particularly being able to find existing natural products that have a hidden purpose in your makeup routine.

I’ve always wanted big brows, particularly in the last couple years since the Cara Delevingne's of this world brought big brows into high fashion. When I was young, nothing was cooler than pencil thin brows, but that trend came at a price.

For those that shunned the pencil brow trend, are now (lucky enough to be) dealing with unruly beasts of brows. But have no fear, there’s an amazing brow taming product that you’d never have thought of.

Beauty brands such as Benefit recognise the importance of taming, grooming and perfecting your face-framers and offer a wide variety of products to fill them in, trim them down to get those ‘brows on fleek’ everyone’s after. But what if you wanted an easier way to tame the beasts without having to invest in a million different tools, powders, gels and combs? Perhaps there’s a more natural, skin-friendly product out there that we’ve not given the attention it deserves.

That same bar you wash your hands with, that waxy, slippery bar that every week gets covered in makeup when you wash your brushes...

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Yep, I’m talking about good old-fashioned bathroom soap. Simply fill in your brows, take your brow brush and cover it with the soap suds, brush your brows in the desired direction and voila!

Many brow sealing products on the market are quite difficult to remove, as they’re designed to keep your brows in place all day. This means putting chemicals on our face to both keep them in place, and attempt to remove them before bed. Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena and Lavender Soap is a much more natural skin care product that smells totally amazing and is kind to the environment as well as your skin. Without using chemicals you can use the thick waxiness of the soap to perfect your eyebrows whilst nourishing and moisturising your skin with the shea and cocoa butters also found within the soap.

For super dry skin, Oilatum Soap Bar is another natural skin care soap that stops the skin from flaking and makes filled-in brows last alot longer, even leaving a protective film over the skin to prevent irritation, flaking and retaining elasticity. The best thing about these soaps; they’re easily removed, meaning no more redness from all that scrubbing!

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