The Best Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment Every Busy Woman Should Know

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I’ve been wanting to get my hair “fixed” for a while now. As the founder of My Beauty Matches, as you can imagine, I often feel under the pressure that I need to look good at all times to keep up with the (gorgeous) industry that I’m in. And, being of Indian origin we are really big on hair and beauty is something we are taught from a young age, so sorry if I let the side down a little there mum, I’ll sort it out I swear.

However after testing so many different products on my hair, it's been feeling a little lack lustre and after a winter of central heating and icy cold weather a little dry and frizzy too (thanks London weather) I needed something some instant hair love and fast. At the same time I know most “quick” treatments are not really great for the long term health of my hair and I didn’t have time for multiple treatments, who does these days?

Enter the life/hair saving Neville Hair and Beauty in Knightsbridge. I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of their latest hair trend on the market. Olaplex, from £50.00 with colour or £150.00 as a stand alone treatment. The Olaplex hair treatment, created by scientists, which is designed to transform brittle and broken hair. Put it this way, it’s how raven haired Kim K went platinum and back without damaging her locks. So off I popped to check out what it’s all about, and more importantly, if it works.

Pre treatment I got the lowdown on Olaplex hair treatments, from the very knowledgeable Elena, a gorgeous Italian beauty who runs Neville. I have seen many product presentations but this one stood out. Why? Well because the story of the Olaplex hair treatment founder was truly incredible one, that I could relate to myself. My background was in Investment Banking however I quit banking to follow my heart into beauty, to then qualify as a beautician and launch My Beauty Matches as I was tired of having to surf multiple sites to shop beauty products and even more annoyed not be be able to find personalised product recommendations which were for once impartial!

Seems like the founder of Olaplex had his own very interesting journey. Again, fed up of not being able to find exactly what he wanted, he created it himself. Which through a little help with some word of mouth from celeb hair experts Tracey Cunningham and Guy Tang and as the product worked so well, the product starting selling by itself.

At this point I was still trying to find out what is so special or different about it and I discovered unlike some other treatments Olaplex is actually a bond multiplier. But you are probably wondering what that means, right? Well, the Olaplex team was explaining that our natural hair breaks through hair drying, hair brushing, colouring, etc and that their in salon treatment seeks to rebuild damaged bonds in our hair and they state it is the first time a product can actually relink bonds in our hair. The other benefit of it is that as it adds this protective “layer” on your hair you can then change your hair colour really quickly without drying it out. Massive plus for those colour chameleons out there.

Well we all know the proof is in the pudding so I took before and after pics to spot the difference. The in salon treatment included first applying Olaplex No 1 bond multiplier followed by their bond perfecter and it took just 15 minutes and I was ready to get my hair blow dried!! This really is a lunch hour treatment.

Here are the results before and after the Olaplex hair treatment:

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Amazing or what? I received a take home treatment service too which includes applying maybe 2 teaspoons worth for long hair to towel dried hair, comb through and leave in for between 10 minutes to up to 12 hours for damaged hair. Then simply wash out and try to repeat weekly for best results. The treatment was super quick and even after a full month the difference is still visible! Whilst you initially might think Olaplex is pricey for a conditioning treatment, it’s hands down worth it in cost per wear for hair that feels like silk and I can simply wash and go. It’s the perfect long lasting conditioning treatment for busy women like me!

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