The Best Eye Shadow for Your Eye Colour

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The Best Eye Shadow For Your Eye Colour.jpg

When we were kids, any old eye shadow colour would do. Fluorescent yellow, lime green - we loved them all. As we grow older, however, we realise that certain colours work better with our individual features. To give you a helping hand, we have put together a guide on the best eye shadow for your eye colour.

Blue eyes

Starting with eye makeup for blue eyes, warm shades work fabulously. The best eye shadow shades for blue eyes include bronze, copper and peachy colours. Try the bronzed Becca Eye Colour Powder Shimmer Damask. A wash of gold perfectly blended is a great look too, as well as pale greys - we love the subtle greys in this look from Sienna Miller. These colours may not sound the most exciting, but they work like magic with blue eyes. If you're feeling a bit more adventorous, pale oranges contrast beautifully with blue eyes.

Green eyes

If you have green eyes, purples are your go-to colour, but you can also pull off the tricky pink eye shadow. Try the plum colour in the Maybelline Duo Eye Studio Eye Shadow in Plum Opal. For a more casual look, shades of mauve work wonderfully with green eyes. The best eye shadow for highlighting green eyes is gold or copper - we just love the golden look seen in the picture from green eyed beauty Una Healy.

Brown eyes

If you have brown eyes, you have a whole wealth of options - lucky you! Brown is a very neutral colour, so you can afford to be more experimental. Purple, teal and green are some of the best eye shadow choices for you, as well as bronzes and peaches. Personally, we love the Bourjois Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow in Vert Petillant for a gorgeous green, but we also cannot get enough of the deep red eye shadow Cheryl in the picture above. A top tip for brown eyed gals wanting to stay more neutral is to not use brown shades too close to your eye colour to avoid looking drab. Make your eye stand out by using browns with a hint of shimmer or gold.

Now, off you go to find the perfect eye shadow shade for your eye colour!