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This month we're celebrating the best in global beauty and being based in London we couldn't miss an opportunity to cover the best names in British hair care. Whether you're British yourself or from further afield these professional hair care brands create some of the best online beauty buys for transforming your locks. It's time to get the London look...

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Percy & Reed

This London-based salon was founded by two gentlemen named Paul Percival and Adam Reed who first opened their doors in 2007. With a work ethos of taking the job seriously but themselves no so, the two grew a reputation for themselves as a high end salon with which stuck to it's British roots, as the two were dead set on their products being manufactured in Great Britain. The products were designed to be easy to use whilst also innovating new and exciting formulations so that men and women could get the most out of their hair. The range is easy to use, produce visible results and best of all have personality, which is why I think they definitely deserve a mention for the best of British hair care.

Two of my favourite products are the Supersize Superstar Bodifying Cream £14.00 which transforms limp lifeless hair into beautifully abundant tresses and the Smooth Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil For Thick Hair £14.00 which tames thick and disobedient hair.

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Philip Kingsley

Born in London's East End, Philip Kingsley is more commonly known throughout the beauty world as "the hair doctor", "the hair guru" and "the hair wizard" having built a reputation for himself as one of the leading authorities in the world on hair and scalp care. You'll understand Philip's status amongst the hair care world when you learn he is the man who coined the phrase "bad hair day" (I know, pretty cool right?). His products are designed to bridge the gap between science and beauty, as having qualified as a Trichologist (hair doctor) in 1953 Philip used his expert knowledge to adapt a range of products that improved hair's health, as well as making it look fabulous.

You can visit Philip's flagship clinic on Green St. Mayfair to experience the Hair Wizard's empire first hand, but his immense popularity meant Philip adapted an entire range to use in salons and at home. One of his most iconic products is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer £33.77 which was the world's first ore-shampoo conditioner. However what made this product so important was that it was formulated by Philip himself for Audrey Hepburn in 1974 when she became concerned her hair was in poor condition from the constant styling her career required. So if you're looking for the super-model treatment at home, Philip Kingsley could be the British brand for you.

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Mark Hill

As one of the defining influences on British hairdressing, Yorkshireman Mark Hill is, to this day, the only hairdresser living outside London to have won the British Hairdresser of the Year twice. He is also the only UK hairdresser to have ever won the prestigious International Hairdresser of the Year accolade twice in succession, so it's evident this is a man to listen to when it comes to quality hair care. As the "Master of Sexy Wearable Hair", Mark has honed his talents to create a range of looks and products that women across the globe could emulate to feel effortlessly glamorous.

I love the Mark Hill range as it reflects his grounded personality, as despite his untold success Mark still insists of rolling up his sleeves with the rest of the Mark Hill team, cutting and styling 3 days a week. He has kept to his roots while improving the roots of women everywhere which is why I believe he deserves to be celebrated as one of the Best of British in hair care. Some of my favourite products include the Overnight Miracle Repair Treatment £2.99 which is enriched with nourishing Moringa Seed extracts and vitamin E, and the Sexy Straight Rehydrating Conditioner £2.99 which uses Shea Butter and Seasilk to keep hair super-soft and effortlessly straight all day long.

Whilst Britain may only be small comparison to some of the other beauty pioneers of the world, we have certainly made our mark on the face of hair care with such inspirational and influential hair stylists and trichologists. These are our top 3 British hair care brands, but there are loads more out there to experiment with so if you're looking to go British with your hair care, you won't be short on options.

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