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This month we're celebrating global beauty and I couldn't possibly let the topic pass without covering the best in British skin care. This category is a tough one to pick winners for with so many influential skin care brands originating from Britain, but without further adieu here are our favourite skin care brands from the Great British Isles. The perfect selection with which to reinvent your skin care routine this Spring.

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This brand are certainly one of the biggest names in skin care, which is impressive with less than 30 decades behind their belt in the beauty industry. Founded in 1989 this British skin care company had a vision of harnessing the power of nature and science to create ground-breaking formulations that genuinely transform your skin. Promising real results and therapeutic treatments, the brand grew from a small collection of specialist spa treatments, to monopolising the global market for luxury skin care.

With such hugely iconic products in their repertoire it's difficult to choose the best, but one of my personal favourites is the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Serum £134.50 which stimulates the skin's natural cell renewal cycle. By combining AHA, vitamins A & C this product gentle peels, smoothes and tones skin and is bursting with antioxidants for youthful looking skin. The Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing collection is one of the most highly revered within the Elemis range, believed to match the benefits of medical-grade skin care formulations.

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The spirit of William Penhaligon's is inspired by their founder, William Penhaligon, who was an Englishman living in an age of excess and flamboyance in 1872. His witty, wild and creative personality is what Penhaligon's have tried to preserve over the years when creating their products and brand image. Each product has a story behind it and the first ever scent, Hammam Bouquet, was dreamt up by William in 1872 after inhaling the steam and sulphurous aromas of his neighbouring Turkish baths. 135 years on William's hugely precious archives continue to inspire the company to create new and exciting fragrances for Britain and the world to enjoy.

This brand truly captures the spirit of eccentric early Britain which is why we think Penhaligon's is once of the most influential British beauty brands on the market. From their Blenheim Bouquet Soaps £24.00 to their addictive Blasted Bloom Eau De Parfum £90.00 we can't get enough of Penhaligon's unique and fun fragrances.

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Capturing everything that is quintessentially British, the makers of Cowshed have stayed true to their origins which happened to be (you guessed it) a cowshed at Babington House in 1998. The brands ambition was to create spa treatments and products that were honest, natural and true to their British heritage. Their spas currently spread from London to Berlin, Miami and New York, but they all maintain the same sociable and relaxed atmosphere that defines their brand. The products are manufactures in the UK using the best organic and wildcrafted plan extracts, including mood-boosting essential oils which will sooth the mind, body and soul.

I love this brand because their comical and direct naming of their collections make it so much easier to know which products you need. For instance, if you're feeling a little irritable you might want to opt for the Grumpy Cow Bath & Massage Oil £15.00 or if you're feeling in need of some Zzz's then the Sleepy Cow Calming Body Creme £24.00 might be more suitable. I don't think we need to tell you when you might need the Horny Cow Body Lotion £18.00...

These top skin care brands prove that the Brits are good for more than just drinking tea, queueing and grumbling about the rain. For gorgeously scented, luxuriously smooth and salon quality products us Brits need look no further than our own doorstep, so explore some British beauty this April.

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