The Best Place For A Last Minute Hair Cut In London

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Walking along the calm streets of Notting Hill, you can find Hari's Hairdressers on a quiet turning, hedged in a corner blossoming with greenery.

Upon entering the salon I was already prepared for a quiet yet welcoming atmosphere, very much needed after a long day at work. My mission of the evening was to get a haircut and blow-dry.

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To my delight, I was welcomed exactly how I thought I would be: by a professional stylist. After a brisk succession of hair related questions, I was seated in a chair and the magic began. The hairstylist offered me her professional advice, consulting me on what would suit my face shape best and how my hairstyle would work with my everyday life. Shortly afterwards she was hard at work, washing my hair and snipping bits away.

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Kérastase Paris, Resistance Bain Force Architecte Strengthening Shampoo For Brittle Hair, £29.50

Everything happened quite quickly, or perhaps it’s the way I forgot about time as I sat in the comfortable chair enveloped by the lovely floral scent of Kerastase products the hairstylist was using on my hair.

In no time, the haircut and blow dry were complete and almost like in Princess Diaries, the blow dry revealed a different side of me. My haircut livened up my face, opening up more of my face whilst falling in the most flattering way. Running my fingers through my hair felt like touching silk, convincing me that the Kerastase hype was so worth it!

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Kérastase Paris, Resistance Masque Force Architecte, £31.70

Overall, my hair felt so much better. Rid of the split ends, thanks to the smooth conditioning treatment by Kerastase and Hari's super hairdressers. Moreover, my head felt lighter on my shoulders, which I less so accredit to the haircut but more so to the amazing massage the hairstylist provided as part of the appointment. Probably also the coffee and their kind gesture of additionally styling my hair during the blowdry!

I left feeling as though the hairstylist read my mind because the haircut turned out exactly the way I wanted it! Safe to say I headed straight to meet my friends, because well, I couldn’t have felt more glamorous.

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Thank you Hari’s Hairdressers! Book your appointment with them right here!